How Do I Start Studying Data Science?

how do i start studying data science

Data Science has taken over the world like a storm and according to business predictions, the field of Data Science will continue to expand. It has already garnered the attention of students as well as well-established working professionals. Several Companies in India are now seeking Data Science graduates due to the increasing demand for them in every industry. The search volume of for ‘the best Software Training Institutes’ has increased since the pandemic.

Data Science is booming and how! Let’s dive deeper into the world of Data Science and learn more about the IT Industry as today we’ll be answering the most frequently asked questions about the Data Science domain.

Can I pursue Data Science with a Commerce Background?

Yes, you can. The Data Science field has no such rule that one must have an IT background to pursue a career in it. You can be from Commerce and Arts background and still pursue a career in the IT Industry. However, if you have prior knowledge in programming, it can make learning a bit easier for you but if you don’t have any experience, you can still enroll in Data Science courses. All you need is the determination to learn new concepts. Anyone with a strong will to learn can enroll in IT Courses.

Can I Learn Data Science in One Year?

Yes, Software Training Institutes like Itvedant offer Master Courses with a duration of one year. They make you job-ready within the first 6 months and by the time you complete the course, you will have become industry-ready. To be clear, the duration of the course also depends on the students. If you undertake an online course, it depends on the number of modules you decide to learn.

Can I Learn Data Science on My Own?

In all honesty, yes, there are plenty of free resources available to learn Data Science but do you think they’ll help you get a job? Doubtful about that, right?

Rightfully so because free courses are just one-sided learning. There are no interactions, no doubt-solving sessions, or guidance. All you get are recorded videos of basic concepts. On the other hand, in the courses offered by IT Training Institutes like Itvedant you get a full package of advanced-level modules, interactive doubt-solving sessions, guidance, and support throughout your courses as well as placement assistance. You need not do anything extra apart from attending lectures regularly.

Keep reading as we’ll be talking about India’s leading IT Training Institute offering the Best Data Science Course.

Are There Any Data Science Courses For Beginners?

Yes, most of the Data Science Courses are solely designed for beginners. Only some Institutes expect students to have a technical background for their courses. There are certain Software Training Institutes that only provide advanced courses for which you’ll need to have appropriate programming knowledge and skills to enroll in.

Which Institute Offers the Best Data Science Course?

After going through so many Institutes be have shortlisted an Institute that offers the Best Data Science Course. Itvedant, rated as one of the best IT Training Institutes, offers a Master’s Course in Data Science and Analytics with AI. We picked Itvedant as the best Institute because it provides students with all the necessary items for the Data Science Course. The advanced concepts that Itvedant offers include the Basics of Data Science and Analytics, Python Programming, SQL, Big Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, PowerBI, and many more. Itvedant is also one of those Institutes that offers a course to beginners.

To know Itvedant’s Data science course fees, you can connect with them by visiting their nearest branch or by contacting them on this number- +91 9205004404

To sum up, we can say that if you have adequate resources, you can learn Data Science easily and if you have the right guidance, you can excel in the IT Field. Remember that Data Science is not tough or challenging, you just need to be focused and persistent enough to learn new concepts. This is the only way you will be able to make it big in the IT Industry. Also, feel free to contact the above-mentioned institutes for any further inquiries.

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