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Congratulations on Winning the Webinar Contest

Itvedant has invited Mr. Dipesh Karki, Founder & CTO of Lenden Club to conduct a Webinar for the students to upgrade their knowledge in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI. At last, during the Q&A round total of 3 questions were asked and we are glad to inform you that our students Nayan, Krishna & Vipin have won that round & received discount vouchers worth Rs. 2000. Congratulations to the winners. Happy Learning!!


Code-A-Thon: Clash Of Codes | Events at Itvedant | Hack-A-Thon

Code-A-Thon Event held at Itvedant. The motive was to Crack the Code-A-Thon and Get Placed!  The event started with full of enthusiasm wherein students proactively participated and showcased their skills. Also Special Thanks to companies who evaluated the student’s case studies; and also offered the job to them! Winner’s of the Code-A-Thon is Nayan Dharviya, Sushant Sawant, Pranav Rane.

Rules and regulations for the competition were:

  1. Candidates have been given case studies on different language like Python, Machine Learning, Java, Android, NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP, Web-designing
  2. Candidates got individual case studies.
  3. Candidates have been given resources like computer and internet.
  4. They had to complete the given task in 2 hours.
  5. Post completion of 2 hours candidates where suppose present their code to the judges. Judges evaluated their code and ask them technical questions & made an offer.

Complete Code A Thon event in 2 min of Video – (Must Watch)

code A thon prize

Case Study

Case Study Solving

Presenation for code a thon

Presenting code

Presenting code

Participant code a thon

Winners of Code A Thon

Pythanos – A Programmatic Thor! – 18th May 2019

We organised an event “PYTHANOS – A Programmatic Thor” at Itvedant. On 18th May 2019 at 9:30 AM.

Presenting the winners of Pythanos – A programmatic Thor (Technical Presentation)a clear tie between – Nayan Dharviya & Pranav Rane! Heartiest Congratulations Both of you! Thanks to our 3 Judges Pranit More, Rajnish Vishwakarma & Amit Gawde for investing their Valuable Time in guiding our students. 

Rob Thomas has rightly said “You cannot fail without your consent. You cannot Succeed without your participation”, a big thanks to all the participants, without you guys the competition wouldn’t be a success.”

Pythanos WInners


Rajesh - Alumini Meet

Itvedant Alumini


Presentation - Pythanos


Pythanos Winners


Presentation Itvedant

Itvedant Presentation


Python Batch – Web Portfolio Competition in Itvedant.

Sushant Sawant is the winner Competition! Well Done Sushant! Congratulations to Sushant Sawant (winner), Danish Khan(1st Runner Up), Sagar Pawar(2nd Runner Up). These how we teach our students and get them ready in these competing world!

Want to join Python practical oriented program then visit Itvedant & be one of them

sushant sawant Winner of Web Portfolio Competition in Itvedant is Sushant Sawant! Well Done Sushant.!

Danish 1st Runner up of the Web Portfolio Competition in Itvedant is Danish Khan!

December Python Batch

Python Batch - 2018-03-23

sagar pawar 2nd Runner up of Web Portfolio Competition in Itvedant is Sagar Pawar!

 Video Testimonial – March 2019 

PHP Training in Thane – Practical Based Training

php training in thane

php training in thane

php training in thane

php training in thane

Right Guidance from Right Person

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Republic Day 2019 Decoration

Decoration 26th JAn

Decoration 26th JAn



Pooja at our new office

nav grah

pooja both


sathyanarayan pooja

First Lecture at our new office

councillor room

lectures candid2

concillor room

lectures candid



Review – Pushpanjali Kharatmol (Web + Android Developer)

Placed Students – Offer Letter


Shubham Balekar


Review – Rohit Khamka (Android Developer)

Review – Reshma Patwari (Web Developer)

Students Love & Reviews

aishwarya review


review himantaa

review pratik
fb review

Whatsapp Review

Facebook Review

FB review


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