What Is The Real Price For An AWS Certification Exam?

what is the real price for an aws certification exam

With the never-ending development of technological trends, our lifestyle keeps changing. A new trend emerges every other day, that’s how rapidly times are changing. However, in this age, people have been highly interested in taking up IT Courses. On one hand, students are looking for IT Training Institutes after completing their higher education meanwhile, on the other hand, many individuals are looking for IT Courses for a career switch.

Below are the four major reasons why people go for a domain switch:

1) The major reason why people are pursuing an AWS Certification is that it is in high demand. If you possess excellent knowledge of AWS, you will be paid exceptionally.

2) AWS is a vast as well as flexible field as there are lots of services involved. Hence, you will have a better understanding and idea of everything which can be used to derive solutions to various problems.

3) AWS is an innovative field as new changes keep happening daily, and taking up this course helps one stay up-to-date with the technology.

4) AWS Cloud Practice Certifications also play an important role when it comes to having a smooth and successful career. These certifications will boost your resume, expand your horizons, and create countless opportunities for you.

How Much Does It Cost For The AWS Certification Exam In Rupees?

It varies from institute to institute because each will provide you with different syllabi and benefits. There may be cases where you might find a decent institute but end up paying a whopping amount but after a period of time, you feel like the course was not worth the money you paid. Hence, to help you find the best course, today we will introduce you to one of the best Software Training Institutes in India, Itvedant.

What Will Be The Exam Fee For AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

There have been several cases at our Institute where people with well-established careers have come to undertake our IT Courses because they wanted to switch their domain as they saw more opportunities in the IT Field. AWS Course is very well pursued by people now.

Firstly, let us know what concepts you’ll be learning throughout the AWS Certification Training Course:

  1. 1) AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  2. 2) AWS Developer Associate
  3. 3) AWS SysOps Associate
  4. 4) AWS Cloud Practitioner

Itvedant is an Institute that welcomes students of all academic backgrounds and helps them learn every concept from scratch. The faculty at Itvedant includes Industry Expert Trainers who teach students with the best study methods along with providing them with insights into the IT Industry.

Apart from the highest quality of education, at Itvedant we also provide students with perks they will not find anywhere else for AWS Certification Training:

  1. 1) 30+ Industry-Level Case Studies and Projects
  2. 2) 8+ Languages and Tools
  3. 3) 80+ Live Sessions
  4. 4) Global Certifications
  5. 5) Personal Career Guide
  6. 6) Doubt Solving Sessions
  7. 7) Profile Building Sessions
  8. 8) And more…

Yes, there’s a lot more to it!

Itvedant’s 2 major highlights are the dynamic student-friendly infrastructure and the 80-20 study pattern. Itvedant has designed its Institute’s insides in the most vibrant and comfortable manner to give students the best learning experience. Besides that, their 80-20 study pattern means that their curriculum is 80% practical and just 20% theoretical which helps students understand the concepts inside out.

Let us bring to your notice that Itvedant also provides Job Guarantee and unlimited interviews. We conduct countless mock interviews to prepare students for official job interviews. Once the students become eligible to appear for job interviews, we arrange job drives for them or arrange interviews for them. Itvedant is an Institute that will always be by its students’ side. Itvedant’s association with companies across the globe helps you get the best job.

In return, all the students have to do is maintain their 3As during their AWS Training!

What are 3As?

3As refers to Itvedant’s Attendance, Assignment, and Assessment model which the students will have to follow in order to progress well throughout their AWS Course duration. Also, if the students ever feel stuck with their career decisions, they have access to Career Guides and can reach out to them to get career assistance.

The exam fee for AWS Certified Solutions Architect can be enquired about and discussed with Itvedant personnel. CTA

We hope you got to learn more about AWS Course through our blog. We would love to have you at Itvedant for AWS Training. Our team wishes you a great career ahead, full of opportunities and success.