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Why Financial Data Analytics ?

Every company is generating data each day and they don’t know what to do with it and then they end up paying the highest salary to the person who has the knowledge of how to make maximum utilization of it. Tech companies seeing this data explosion in a huge manner are transforming their traditional IT skills into the new age of data analysis to reshape their businesses globally.

An international report stated that to manage this massive amount of data, the demand for Data Scientists is growing like anything and yet companies are only able to catch a few percentage of quality data scientists to explore the huge data locked in, eye-opening isn’t it? Now you know that Data is huge but not the Data Scientist that is why it is the most demanding job of the era.

In our Data Science certification course at Itvedant, we start with Python training – The most powerful of all programming languages. There are many programming languages used to handle the data like Python, R and C++ but amongst all Python is the most preferable language in the Industry due to its rich set of libraries, simple syntax & community-based approach.Further in data science class we study Statistics in order to understand the relation amongst your data i.e data modelling, then we shall refine the model created using Machine learning to give different algorithms which help to identify best model fit against the data pattern.Majorly when dealing with unstructured type data like images / audio we shall harness the power of Big data Analytics. When the outcome of certain metrics is unknown we let the machine learn by example so called Deep learning. Natural Language Processing , Computer Vision, Recommender Systems are applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence is the final product outcome which will serve as a capstone project that is a usable product of all the technologies learnt and deployed on mobile / web.

What will you achieve from our Data Science Training Program

  • Collect and process large data using Big Data
  • Develop Image recognition application using CV
  • Develop Chatbot like application using NLP
  • Classify Customers using Machine Learning
  • Deploy your AI application
  • Use cases on real-world Data Science problems
  • Building Computer Vision Applications
  • Understanding of Time Series Analysis & Recommender system
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Industry Mentors
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Financial Data Analytics Course Modules

Python logo

Python for Data Science

The extensive treasure of Data Science can be harnessed by various methods but Python is the most favoured and also most suitable due to its data structures and extensive modules like Numpy, Pandas or Scikit learn which we make a point to cover in our Data Science Course. At Itvedant we don’t just teach Python to make you learn the syntax of a great programming language but teach you with different application development like Database Connectivity with MySQL and deployment using Flask Web Framework.

Machine Learning logo

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the basis of data science courses and the most essential subject of data science. Machine Learning deals with teaching machines to learn just like how we teach our kids ! Kids or humans learn from the surrounding by gathering data under a supervised environment of their parents / teacher ; relate it with supervised learning form of Machine Learning technique using algorithms such as regression and where we learn by observation is so called as Unsupervised learning – classification and clustering.

My-Sql logo


MySQL is one of the famous open-source relational database management systems (RDBMS) with a client-server model. We at Itvedant focus on giving you a strong base of data management. MySQL software is of high demand and it is used for a wide range of purposes, including data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging applications. MySQL is preferred by all top industries that consume data every second like Twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia etc. and its high demand opens up huge job opportunities. Our special modules on ER Database Designs and normalization concepts gives you a clear edge over other candidates for a job.

Advance-Excel logo

Advance Excel

This topic will train you on how to effectively use Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis. Here the students undergo excel formula training & power functions that helps to streamline the analysis. Students learn how to minimize the labour work which eventually saves time thereby performing some detailed analysis more efficiently. You will be taught the commonly used formulas like vlookup, sumif, data validation, automating macros and many more!

Power-BI logo

Power BI

At Itvedant our industry experts will train you how one can use Power BI for Business Intelligence purposes. Will guide you right from extracting data from a wide range of systems to creating attractive dashboards which will provide you different insights & matrices you care about the most. Students learn to create and share data visualizations across global data centers by handling multiple industry oriented projects and case studies.

tableau logo


Tableau is a mostly recommended data visualization tool which is used for Business Intelligence purposes. Our industry experts will provide you with different sets of raw data belonging to different industries and train you in simplifying the data in the most understandable format. Here you don’t require any coding knowledge, individual with zero technical knowledge will also get trained easily and that is why this tool is mostly used by finance professionals

Be a Certified in Financial Data Analytics

Financial Data Analytics certificate

Financial Data Analytics Certification

The PG Certification program of Financial Data Analytics prepares you for the heavyweight title –Business Analyst. Not just that along with the PG Certification of Financial Data Analytics you shall be given 8 course module completion certificates at every check-point clearance if you are effective in meeting the Itvedant® Assessment Standards.And yes did we say you can easily clear the Microsoft Certification Exam with our guidance ? Look below

Microsoft Certification

Itvedant prepares you for the Microsoft Certification Program ! The Microsoft Certification is recognised globally and your skills in Python is assessed by a company known by everyone ” Microsoft® “

Microsoft Certification

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Sahil boble experience of learning Java at itvedant

“I was looking for Java Programming Classes in Mumbai and I search on google and I found these Itvedant class, so I planned to visit at Itvedant and I soon admitted myself in Core Java and Advance Java Batch. My journey is so good & I learn many things. I am from an electronic background so I had no much knowledge of Java programming language but when I joined Itvedant I learned a lot and also understood the basic concept of programming.” -Sahil Boble

Gaurav experience at itvedant of learning python & Data science

“My name is Gaurav Chiplunkar due to having passion for coding & graphic designing I was looking for Software Programming Classes for Python in Thane, so one and half months back I join Itvedant. In Itvedant as far as I experienced teaching patterns is cool. They have good mentors who are professionally experienced under whom we students are taking guidance to step ahead into cooperate.”    -Gaurav Chiplunkar

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