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Why should one do Data Science & Analytics at Itvedant?

The course starts with the training on Python, where individuals are introduced to its rich set of libraries and syntax to be used in Data Science. We introduced statistics in the course in order to understand the relation amongst your data i.e. Data Modelling. Statistics provide you with a leading-edge while competing with other Data Scientists and it improves your chance of getting hired. We could refine the model created using statistics through Machine Learning to give different algorithms which help to identify the best model fit against the data pattern. Big Data Analytics is also taught to deal with the unstructured type of data like images, audio etc. When the outcome of certain metrics is unknown we let the machine learn by example so called Deep Learning. Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Recommender Systems are also taught as a part of Machine Learning and Deep Learning at Itvedant. You will also be able to complete a capstone project in Artificial Intelligence by the end of the course.

We make you industry ready through our rigorous practical oriented training under expert trainers. We ensure none of our enrolled students is left out without a job after the course. We focus on brushing up your soft skills and improving your confidence level to make you best fit for the interviews. Mock aptitude tests and Mock Interviews are done prior to the interview. Students start receiving interview calls soon after the completion of 60% of the course. Students can avail unlimited interview calls until they get into a job.

Average salaries for fresher roles in data science and analytics vary between 3-15 lacs per annum. This course will help you in achieving positions like Data Engineer, Data Administrator, Machine Learning Engineer, Statistician, Data and Analytics Manager.

Itvedant is the best place to take your first step into Data Science. Join the course today for a bright tomorrow.

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Data Science & Analytics Course Modules

Python logo

Python for Data Science

The extensive treasure of Data Science can be harnessed by various methods but Python is the most favoured and also most suitable due to its data structures and extensive modules like Numpy, Pandas or Scikit learn which we make a point to cover in our Data Science Course. At Itvedant we don’t just teach Python to make you learn the syntax of a great programming language but teach you with different application development like Database Connectivity with MySQL and deployment using Flask Web Framework.

Statstics logo


Statistics applies a mathematical model to a set of data. To formulate a mathematical model the basics of x and y and formulating the relation is taught in Linear Algebra. A practical approach to build a strong understanding of how to take a sample of data and apply it to the entire system in machine learning is the base of inferential statistics. Trust us, learning these concepts will never be boring as college maths lectures as we try our best to relate it with a simple case of data science application.

SQL logo


A working knowledge of SQL is very important to know for all Data Scientists. Here we teach you how SQL helps in communicating and extracting data types from databases and also how raw data can be utilized to turn into some actionable insights. Our Industry expert will provide you an in depth knowledge in different commands which are used such as DML, DDL, DQL for adding, deleting & inserting data in databases. You will discuss topics on data with your trainers, and can practice using real-world programming assignments.

Python logo

Big Data

Data exists in structured form as well as unstructured form, for structured data we already dealt it with pandas in the Python for Data Science module while for largely unstructured data we shall primarily use Big Data.In Data Science course we will cover how to effectively use unstructured data that exists in images, text , web etc. The Big Data Analytics module in our data science course will deal with how we deal with application of Machine Learning techniques on extremely large dataset modules.

Machine Learning logo

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the basis of data science courses and the most essential subject of data science. Machine Learning deals with teaching machines to learn just like how we teach our kids ! Kids or humans learn from the surrounding by gathering data under a supervised environment of their parents / teacher ; relate it with supervised learning form of Machine Learning technique using algorithms such as regression and where we learn by observation is so called as Unsupervised learning – classification and clustering.

Tensorflow logo

TensorFlow & Keras

Google ® crafted a beautiful TensorFlow library and released it to the Data Scientists to do complex tasks of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Data Science in a simplistic way. Tensorflow provides an easy to use API in Python and calls itself an end to end platform to deploy machine learning powered AI apps.After completion of this module you are also eligible for TensorFlow Certification to showcase your Machine Learning expertise.

Deep Learning logo

Deep Learning – DL

When humans learn by their own experience Data Science calls machine learning by itself with the name ‘Deep Learning’. When you as a data scientist are performing tasks where the data is not labelled / classified and the outcome cannot be predefined we should use a Deep Learning branch in Data Science. Deep Learning forms the foundation behind many concepts which we take ahead like – Natural Language Processing or Computer Vision. Deep Learning is also the underlying technology behind driverless cars to recognise new objects.

NLP logo

Natural Language Processing – NLP

“Alexa ! what will be the temperature today at night 8 o’clock ?”. The demand for Artificial Intelligent apps like these which understands our language (not speech recognition) is huge in the field of Data Science where we make machines now learn deep using by processing our natural language – english just to start with. The grammar of the language, synonyms we use or the errors we make are part and parcel of this stream of Deep Learning / Machine Learning in our Data Science Course.

Computer Vision logo

Computer Vision – CV

Computer Vision is recognition of objects such as cars, faces, fruits etc in an image. The simplest example of the application of computer vision using sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms in Data Science is the way your smartphone learns more and more about you using the face unlock technique (being fast to unlock). The world is full of imagination for what sorts of applications can be built if a computer or machine learns from Image data.

Time-Series-Analysis logo

Time Series Analysis

Analysing periodic data to learn about the patterns in it is the Time Series Analysis branch of Machine Learning / Deep Learning in Data Science. The finance branch (commerce) has greatly witnessed the technology capabilities as the machines now accurately predict the stock prices or currency rates for the future. Using matplotlib and plotting x and y correlation can easily help anyone understand the time based pattern of the system to be predicted using Machine Learning algorithms.

Capstone logo

AI ⇌ Capstone Project

Artificial Intelligent apps are full and the final product of multiple techniques which you have studied above. This requires a deployment platform to be studied like Web / Mobile / API for your Data Science Course outcome to be used by others. Personal guidance is required as every innovative project should be different from others. The Capstone project must involve aggregating learnings from multiple modules you just learnt in the Data Science Course. As an example we can build an app which can create a chatbot (using flask in python) to chat (natural language processing) using emojis (computer vision) to understand the mood / sentiments of the person over a week (time series analysis).

Be a Certified in Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics certificate

Master Certification in Data Science & Analytics

The Master Certification program of Data Science & Analytics prepares you for the heavyweight title – Data Scientist. Not just that along with the master certification of Data Science & Analytics you shall be given 13 course module completion certificates at every check-point clearance if you are effective in meeting the Itvedant® Assessment Standards.And yes did we say you can easily clear the Google TensorFlow Exam with our guidance ? Look below

Tensorflow Certification

Itvedant prepares you for the Tensorflow Certification Program ! The Tensorflow Certification is recognised globally and your skills in Machine Learning is assessed by a company known by everyone ” Google® “

google tensorflow certification itvedant

Microsoft Certification certification itvedant

Microsoft Certification

Itvedant prepares you for the Microsoft Certification Program ! The Microsoft Certification is recognised globally and your skills in Python is assessed by a company known by everyone ” Microsoft® “

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