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Itvedant Education Private limited started with a vision of Transforming candidates from “Freshers to Professional”. In all these years we have kept our promise by taking utmost care of each and every candidate and placing them in various positions in leading IT companies. We believe in Transparency and hence our promise and commitment to you about your placement is also very Transparent.

Itvedant education private limited will place you in a good company within the 6 months(180 days) after marking you as “Job Ready Candidate”.

A career transformation requires constant efforts from the candidate's side. Itvedant is not a placement company, we are a Training Institute and we are proud of our Training and have a proven training framework which makes any candidate “Job ready”. Candidate will be marked as Job Ready if he/she satisfies following conditions.

  1. Candidates should have 90% of Attendance in all classroom/online sessions.
  2. Candidates should complete 100% of the study progress of each module.
  3. Candidates should have a 100% assignments submission record.
  4. Candidates should have secured 80% of aggregate marks in Test/Assessments conducted in each module of course.
  5. Must Secure A grade for Project/Case studies submitted for each module of course.
  6. Must have cleared Mock Interviews from Mentors.
  7. Candidates have 100% attendance for Soft skill sessions.

Mentors will mark candidates “Job ready” if he/she is eligible as per above criterias.

Itvedant education private limited will refund candidates tuition fees(Excluding GST 18%) if we fail to place you within 180 days.

We are very serious about our commitment to students. Once we mark candidates “Job ready” from that day onwards you get eligible to get Job Openings from our side. Now we have 180 days to place you in good company. If we fail to place you in 180 days we will refund your tuition fees(excluding 18% GST) within 15 to 20 days. To be eligible for refund candidates need to make sure that they haven’t violated any following criteria.

  1. Candidates haven’t skipped/remained absent for scheduled interviews.
  2. Candidates haven’t gone on break after being marked as “Job Ready”.
  3. If a candidate rejects a job offer from a Company where he/she got selected.
  4. If the candidate accepts any other Job in between the period of 180 days.

Itvedant Education private limited will feel proud only when you get placed in good company with a good industry standard package

  1. Once a candidate gets an offer from the company for a full time opportunity, itvedant has fulfilled commitments made to candidates and responsibility of placing the candidates.
  2. Itvedant won’t be responsible if a candidate leaves the company or company terminates candidates due to Performance or mis-behaviour issue.
  3. The candidate who is getting an internship will get job assistance if he/she doesn't get a full time offer from the company. But the cycle of 180 days will be restarted since the candidate must have spent some time with another company.
  4. The candidates who are not eligible for refund can also get Job Assistance from itvedant.

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