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Why should one do a Masters in Full-Stack Development at Itvedant ?

Itvedant provides you with the most novel syllabus covering all major tools covered in Full-Stack development to give the best to you through the course. Our trainers start from scratch, covering the fundamentals first to build a strong foundation even for beginners.Web Designing is taught as a part of the course and individuals are equipped in creating amazing and powerful websites using HTML5 and CSS3 which provide advantages to students to deploy web content and web applications. Java Scripts and jQuery are taught along with this you will get an upgraded knowledge of Bootstrap 5 & Angular 10. Itvedant has got a brilliant record of placing the maximum number of Full-Stack Developers in the industry. One out of the total enrolled gets placed as a Full-Stack Developer in every 12 hours. Students are able to master the skills of leading tools like Core PHP, Core Java,Python, RDBMS-MySQL, Hibernate Spring and much more during the course; which helps them to stand out in this highly competitive industry.

We make you industry ready through our rigorous practical oriented training under expert trainers. We ensure none of our enrolled students is left out without a job after the course. We focus on brushing up your soft skills and improving your confidence level to make you best fit for the interviews. Mock technical tests and Mock Interviews are done prior to the interview. Students start receiving interview calls soon after the completion of 60% of the course. Students can avail unlimited interview calls until they get into a job. Average salaries for fresher roles in Full-Stack developer profile vary between 3-15 lacs per annum. This course will help you in achieving positions like Java Developer, PHP Developer, Python Developer, Full-Stack Developer, and much more. Itvedant is the best place to take your first step into Java. Join the course today for a bright tomorrow.

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Full Stack Course Modules

HTML5 & CSS3 logo


The module in HTML5 CSS3 helps individuals in creating amazing web pages. Using HTML5 and CSS3 provides advantages to businesses that develop and deploy web content and web applications. At Itvedant students are trained under expert trainers to create refined and accurate web pages and web systems. Students are engaged in numerous projects which enhances the practical knowledge of individuals in developing webpages. Expert trainers provide individual attention to students in creating web pages of high quality making them Industry ready.

javascript & Jquery logo

Java Scripts + jQuery

Students are trained to validate forms, manipulating content, changing style dynamically, displaying / hiding content on the web page using Javascript.Our industrial expert trainers make sure that every student enrolled possess strong practical knowledge with continuous training sessions with hands-on experience of Java Scripts.Learning JavaScript is the initial step to learn Angular Js and Node Js ahead which are vital in effective web development.Students are also given practical training of using jQuery,Bootstrap,Angular Js which are famous web enhancing tools,helping in the powerful functioning of interfaces.

Bootstrap logo


Nowadays we all knew people generally spent more time on mobile i.e 60% than desktop and here Bootstrap plays a major role in creating responsive mobile 1st website. Taking web responses into consideration our students are taught the latest version of Bootstrap (v4) in the module. You will be equipped with rich knowledge in customizing the website to make it fast & interactive after the course. Our main objective is to make you industry ready, almost 1000+ students have learned Front end development at Itvedant & got placed in MNC’s.

Angular logo


We always encourage ourselves to give the latest technology knowledge to our students hence adding the latest version Angular 10 into our curriculum which is of high demand among developers. Students are engaged in learning several key features of Angular 10 including the Ivy Compiler found in the latest version of Angular. Our expert trainers will guide you from the basics of frameworks such as forms, pipes, strong typing, data binding to the more complex fundamentals like routing, navigation, directives with a capstone project on working applications during the module. With our unique practical approach to the module, the enrolled get to develop interactive & responsive web pages which later on create a strong impression on your resume.

My-sql logo


MySQL is one of the famous open-source relational database management systems (RDBMS) with a client-server model. We at Itvedant focus on giving you a strong base of data management. MySQL software is of high demand and it is used for a wide range of purposes, including data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging applications. MySQL is preferred by all top industries that consume data every second like Twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia etc. and its high demand opens up huge job opportunities. Our special modules on ER Database Designs and normalization concepts gives you a clear edge over other candidates for a job.

Hibernet logo

Spring MVC+ Hibernate

Modern View Control architecture plays a very solid role in creating web applications nowadays. Spring and Hibernate are of high demand among MVCs in developing flexible and loosely coupled web applications faster and with ease. Considering the huge demand, our students are trained under specialized trainers providing in-depth knowledge of Spring with the help of 10+ industrial projects on building Spring applications. Our module on Spring MVC & Hibernate is meticulously structured by industry experts, inclusive of Basic & Advanced level training providing rich practical knowledge of the same. Our trainers start from scratch and cover the fundamentals first, making the base strong of the enrolled. Our students start receiving interview

core java logo


Core Java is the most basic and the purest form of Java which set the foundation for other editions of the programming language. Learning industry-specific Core Java provides you with a strong base for building software applications as well as sets the foundation for further editions of Java programming language like J2EE. We at Itvedant ensure the most updated edition of Java reaches our students. Our students are given training on advanced features such as lambda expressions, functional interfaces, interfaces with the default and static methods in the module. Students are equipped in building their own notepads to computer viruses with our rigorous practical training under experts, by the end of the module.

J2EE logo


Java EE is the standard in community-driven enterprise software with new features that align with industry needs, improving application portability and increasing developer productivity. Learning Advance Java doubles your chances of getting placed into top MNC’s. Advance Java is the backbone of all web-related activities, and our expert faculties help you to strengthen your backbone by guiding you on design patterns, JSP, JSTL & many more. Our students are introduced to full-stack web developer interviews held by our placement department after the successful completion of 60% of the module for at least three weeks. Individuals are also trained by experts to face real corporate world challenges through intense projects and assignments.

Php logo


Core PHP is one of the most famous programming languages and in that Itvedant has got a brilliant record of placing the maximum number of PHP Developers in the industry. One out of the total enrolled gets placed as a PHP Developer in every 12 hours. The sole reason for this result is the hard work and dedication of the expert trainers who give their full every time, providing the students with maximum practical knowledge. Here after every module you have tests to clear and 3-5 assignments to submit, this rigorous training helps you in attaining the maximum in-depth knowledge of PHP.

Python logo

Python for Developers

The extensive treasure of Full-Stack developers can be harnessed by various methods but Python is the most favoured and also most suitable due to its data structures and extensive modules like Numpy, Pandas or Scikit learn which we make a point to cover in our Development course. At Itvedant we don’t just teach Python to make you learn the syntax of a great programming language but teach you with different application development like Database Connectivity with MySQL and deployment using Flask Web Framework.

Django logo


Django is an open-source framework for backend web applications based on Python. Internet giants like Google, Instagram, Mozilla, Spotify use Django to frame their web application. An individual looking forward to joining these giants should be well versed in Django. The module initiates the enrolled to use Django to create web applications as part of the course under the guidance of expert trainers. Our students developed E-Commerce websites, Car Pooling Systems, Learning Management Systems on their own. Individuals with rich knowledge in Django are expected to crack the interviews and get placed at MNC’s very soon.

Be a Certified Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Development certificate

Full Stack Development Certification

The Master Certification program of Full-Stack Development prepares you for the heavyweight title – Full Stack Developer. Not just that along with the master certification of Full-Stack Development you shall be given 14 course module completion certificates at every check-point clearance if you are effective in meeting the Itvedant® Assessment Standards.And yes did we say you can easily clear the Microsoft Certification Exam with our guidance ? Look below

Microsoft Certification

Itvedant prepares you for the Microsoft Certification Program ! The Microsoft Certification is recognised globally and your skills in Python is assessed by a company known by everyone ” Microsoft® “

Microsoft Certification

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What Students Says About Itvedant

Sahil boble experience of learning Java at itvedant

“I was looking for Java Programming Classes in Mumbai and I search on google and I found these Itvedant class, so I planned to visit at Itvedant and I soon admitted myself in Core Java and Advance Java Batch. My journey is so good & I learn many things. I am from an electronic background so I had no much knowledge of Java programming language but when I joined Itvedant I learned a lot and also understood the basic concept of programming.” -Sahil Boble

Gaurav experience at itvedant of learning python & Data science

“My name is Gaurav Chiplunkar due to having passion for coding & graphic designing I was looking for Software Programming Classes for Python in Thane, so one and half months back I join Itvedant. In Itvedant as far as I experienced teaching patterns is cool. They have good mentors who are professionally experienced under whom we students are taking guidance to step ahead into cooperate.”    -Gaurav Chiplunkar

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