Tableau helps to understand data by just seeing to it. Using drag-n-drop functionalities, you will design a very interactive visual among minutes. To learn and get best tableau training then visit Itvedant and get 100%practical training


    • Retrieving Data
    • Updating Data
    • Inserting Data
    • Deleting Data
    • Sorting and Filtering Data
    • Advanced Filtering
    • Grouping Data
    • Using Subqueries
    • Joining Tables
    • Handons for each topic
    • Data Connection
    • Measures and dimension
    • Shelves
    • Data Types
    • Marks Card
    • Page Shelf
    • Installing Tableau
    • Generating your first visualization
    • Saving and sharing your work
    • Discrete vs Continuous
    • Date Aggregations and Date parts
    • Totals & Subtotals
    • Handons on topic learned
    • Data Visualization using geographic maps
    • Calculated fields
    • String Calculation
    • Data Calculation
    • Logical Calculation
    • Numeric Calculation
    • Handons on topic learned
    • Parameters
    • Table Calculations
    • Level of detail
    • Groups
    • Sets
    • Hierarchy
    • Advanced Concepts
    • Filters
    • Handons on topic learned
    • Dashboard Objects
    • Dashboard Actions
    • Story telling in tableau
    • Perfomance improvement


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