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Admission open : 06th April 2020

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Tableau helps to understand data by just seeing to it. Using drag-n-drop functionalities, you will design a very interactive visual among minutes. To learn and get best tableau training then visit Itvedant and get 100%practical training



  1. Introduction to the topic

    • What is Tableau and why Tableau?
    • Tableau Architecture
    • Tableau Products
  2. Tableau Shelf and cards

    • Row Shelf
    • Column Shelf
    • Page Shelf
    • Filter Shelf
    • ┬áMark Shelf
  3. Connecting to & Preparing Data

    • Create and save data connections
    • Create a live connection to a data source
    • Explain the differences between using live connections versus extracts
    • Create an extract
    • Save metadata properties in a . TDS
    • Modify data connections
    • Add a join
    • Add a blend
    • Add a union
    • Manage data properties
    • Rename a data field
    • Assign an alias to a data value
    • Assign a geographic role to a data field
    • Change data type for a data field (number, date, string, boolean, etc.)
    • Change default properties for a data field (number format, aggregation, colour, date format, etc.)
  4. Organizing & Simplifying Data

    • Filter data
    • Sort data
    • Build groups
    • Build hierarchies
    • Build sets
  5. Field & Chart

    • Understand discrete v. continuous
    • Understand measure names and measure values
    • Understand generated fields
      • Calculated Fields
      • Parameters
      • Table Calculations
      • Level of detail
    • Understand how and when to build:
      • Histograms
      • Heat maps
      • Tree maps
      • Bullet graphs
      • Combined Axis Charts
      • Dual Axis Charts
      • Scatter Plots
      • Data Highlighter
      • Cross tabs
      • Motion charts
      • Bar in bar charts
      • Box plots
      • Gantt Bar Charts
      • Pareto charts
      • Sparkline
  6. Analytics

    • Understand how to use:
      • Reference Lines
      • Reference Bands
      • Trend Lines
      • Trend Model
      • Forecasting
      • Drag & Drop Analytics
      • Box Plot
      • Reference distributions
      • Statistical summary card
  7. Tableau Dashboards

    • Understand publishing & sharing options
    • Understand how to build dashboards
    • Understand dashboard actions
      • URL
      • Highlight
      • Filter
    • Understand Device Designer
    • Understand how to create a drill down report
    • Understand how to utilize visual best practices for dashboard design
  8. Performance improvement of Dashboard

  9. Tableau and R integration with analytics case

  10. Case Studies



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