Spring is a lightweight and powerful framework used in enterprise java. Using the spring framework eliminates the redundant job of validations and simplifies common tasks such as crud operations or writing unit test cases. companies find using spring framework reduces development time by 50% in place of advanced java concepts. and also offering rich features alongside such as security, internationalization and built in library components. so today's job requirement makes knowing spring mandatory for a candidate.


    • Features of Spring
      • Inversion Of Control
      • Dependency Injection
      • Aspect oriented Programming
    •  Spring Architecture
      •  Core Container
      •  Data Access & Integration
      •  Web MVC
      •  Other
    •  Dependency Injection
      • Using Setter
      • Using Constructor
      • Injecting Collections and Beans
    •  Aspect Oriented Programming
      •  Terminologies
      •  Types of Advice
    • Progams:
      • HelloWorld example
    • Inversion of contro
    • Spring configuration
      • XML Based
      • Annotation Based
      • Java Based
    • Beans Scope and lifecycle
    • Bean Post processor
    • Bean Inheritance
    • Bean Autowiring
    • Programs:
      • University management
  1. MVC framework

    • Dispatcher Servlet
    • Configuration
    • Defining Controller
    • Creating views
    • Programs:
      • Registration/Login


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