R Programming

R Programming

R Programming

R programing language, handles statistical computation of information and graphical representations.


  1. Business Analytics and R
    • Understand the use of ‘R’ in the industry
    • Compare R with other softwares in analytics
    • Install R and the packages from CRAN
    • Perform basic operations in R using command line
    • Introduction to R Studio
    • User Interface of RStudio - The R IDE
    Basic Building Blocks in R
    • Sequence of Numbers in R
    • Understanding Vectors in R
    • Handling Missing Values in R
    • Subsetting Vectors in R
    • Matrices and Data Frames in R
    • Logical Statements in R
    • Using the Lapply, sapply, vapply and tapply Functions
  2. Understanding R data structure
    • Variables & Data Types
    • Various Operators like Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Assignment
    • Scalars
    • Vectors
    • Arrays
    • Matrices
    • List
    • Data frames
    • Using c, Cbind,Rbind, attach and detach functions in R
    • Factors
    • Loops including control statements
    • Manipulating and formatting strings
    • String-Manipulation Functions - Using nchar(), toupper(), tolower(), substring() functions on strings
    • User defined functions: Invoking functions with and without passing parameter
  3. Importing data
    • Reading Tabular Data files
    • Reading CSV files
    • Importing data from excel
    • R Assignment Operators
    • Accessing database
    • Saving in R data
    • Loading R data objects
    • Writing to files
    Manipulating Data
    • Selecting rows/observations
    • Selecting columns/fields
    • Merging data
    • Relabelling the column names
    • Converting variable types
    • Data sorting
    • Data aggregation
    • Understanding the Exporatory Data Analysis(EDA)
    • Implementation of EDA on various datasets
    • Boxplots
    • Understanding the cor() in R
    • EDA functions like summarize(), list()
    • Multiple packages in R for data analysis
    • The Fancy plots like Segment plot
  4. Control Structures
    • While loop
    • If loop
    • For loop
    • Arithmetic operations
    • Writing Simple Programs
    • Writing Complex Programs
    R functions
    • Commonly used Mathematical Functions
    • Commonly used Summary Functions
    • Commonly used String Functions
    • User defined functions
    • local and global variables
    • Understanding on Data Visualization
    • Graphical functions present in R
    • Plot various graphs like tableplot
    • Histogram
    • Boxplot, line chart
    • Customizing Graphical Parameters to improvise the Plots
    • Understanding GUIs like Deducer and R commander
    • Introduction to Spatial Analysis
    • Scatterplot
    • Developing graphs
    • Live Project Case Studies etc.
    • Finding mean, median & mode of data in a vector
    • Establishing relationship model between two variables using linear regression
    • Establishing relationship model between more than two variables using multiple regression
    • Designing a regression model for categorical values using logistic regression
    • Normal Distribution
    • Binomial Distribution
    • Poisson distribution
    • Analysis of Covariance
    • Using ts() to create, manipulate and plot the data for time series analysis
    • Using party() to create Decision Tree to represent choices and their results in form of a tree
    • Creating and analyzing Random Forest
    • Using Survival Analysis for predicting an occurrence of an event
    • Using Chi Square tests to determine correlation between categorical variables
    • Fundamental Principles of Debugging
    • Why Use a Debugging Tool?
    • Using R Debugging Facilities
    • Ensuring Consistency in Debugging Simulation Code
    • Syntax and Runtime Errors


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