The traditional approach to saving data on the server is by using SQL language. In MEAN stack development we use MongoDB which is JSON based database program which falls under the NoSQL category.It gives scalability and flexibility to the database which helps in querying desired data.


    • Introduction
    • Installing MongoDB
    • Command Line options
    • Creating first database
    • Replica Sets
    • Storage
    • BSON
    • Saving Documents
    • Collections
    • Document Id
    • Object Id
    • Insert
    • Complex Document
    • Update Command
    • Set and Unset Operator
    • Rename Operator
    • Push, Pull and Pop Operator
    • Array Type
    • Query with Sort
    • find()
    • equality
    • projection
    • comparison
    • $not, $in
    • Arrays
    • $all, $nin
    • Dot Notation
    • null and $exists
    • And
    • Cursor
    • sort()
    • limit()
    • skip()
    • findOne()


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