Machine Learning Course In Mumbai

Machine Learning Course In Mumbai

Machine Learning Course In Mumbai

Machine Learning Training Course In Mumbai & Thane - Itvedant

Machine learning helps software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes.

'Simple and powerful are the two words which define the most modern programming language - Python.'

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  1. Introduction

    • What is Data Science
    • Who is a Data Scientist
    • Types of Data
    • Machine learning introduction
    • Deep learning and AI introduction
  2. Numpy

    • Creating numpy arrays
    • Properties of array
    • Aggregate functions
    • Numpy functions
    • Indexing and slicing
    • Vectorization
    • Broadcasting
    • Boolean indexing
  3. Pandas

    • Data Frame
    • Reading data from various source
    • Data Frame properties
    • Data Frame indexing and slicing
    • Data Frame functions
    • Pandas functions
  4. Visualization

    • Matplotlib line plot
    • Scatter plot
    • Count plot
    • Histogram
    • Pie chart
    • Subplots
    • Pandas plot
    • Seaborn plots
    • Introduction to statistics
    • Mean
    • Median and mode
    • Variance and Standard deviation
    • Covariance and correlation coefficient
    • Normal distribution
  5. Probablity

    • Introduction to probability
    • Theoretical and Frequentest approach
    • Dependent and Independent events
    • Conditional probability
    • Bayes Theorem
    • Binomial distribution
    • Standardization and calculate Z score
    • Introduction to inferential statistics
    • Sampling techniques
    • Central limit theorem
    • Hypothesis testing
  6. Machine learning

    • Linear regression
    • OLS
    • Gradient descent
    • Implementation with Scikit learn
    • Evaluation metrics (MSE, R2)
  7. Regularization

    • Cost functions
    • Ridge and Lasso regularization
    • Hyper-parameter tuning
    • Handling missing values
    • Handling outliers Handling skewness
    • Scaling
    • Label Encoding
    • Feature engineering
    • Co-relation coefficient and heatmap
    • Chi square test
    • ANNOVA
    • Random Feature elimination
    • PCA
  8. Classification

    • Logistic regression
    • Sigmoid function
    • Multi-class regression
    • Confusion matrix
    • Accuracy, Recall, Precision, F1 score
    • AUC-ROC
  9. Descision Tree

    • Introduction to decision tree
    • Terminologies
    • Entropy and Gini index
    • Visualizing decision tree
    • Handling over fitting (Pruning)
  10. Clustering

    • Introduction to unsupervised learning
    • Introduction to clustering
    • K-Means
    • Hierarchical clustering


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