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Learn to create beautiful and trendy websites using HTML5 CSS3. This course covers all HTML tags and their respective attributes, html5 semantic elements. also covers CSS selectors, CSS properties and their respective values, css3 properties, CSS animation. Develop a multi-page and single page static website using the 960 grid system.

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HTML5 + CSS3 Training in Mumbai

HTML5 + CSS3 Training in Mumbai


  1. Web Architecture

    Introduction to www
    Basic Web Architecture
    Client, Server Architectures
    DNS Resolution
    Http Communication Overview
    Working of http
    Http Methods
    Http Status Codes
    Understanding client/server roles
    Dividing the document into 2 parts.
    Content (Body)
    Technology Overview
    Web Server Installation and Configuration
    Developers Tools in Browser
  2. Introduction to HTML5

    Introduction to HTML Structure vs Presentation
    HTML5 Semantic Web
    Html5 tags, attributes, elements
    Formatting Tags (HTML5 Formatting tags)
    Text Elements
    Special Character Elements
    Character Reference
    Entity Reference
  3. Page Information

    Base Url
    Language Attributes
  4. Text Formatting

    Header Tags
    Bold, Strong
    Italics, Emphasis
    Sub, Sup
    Inserted text, Deleted text
    Lists – ordered, unordered, definition
    Images , Image Map, Area of map
    Table Tags
    HTML Citations, Quotations, and Definition Tags
  5. Hypertext and Link in HTML Documents

    Anchor Tag
    Absolute Path
    Relative Path
    Types of links.
    Internal Links
    External Links
    Link Tags
    Links with images and buttons
    Links that send email messages
    mailto link
  6. Document Structure

    Horizontal Rule
    Line Break
  7. Forms

    • Input Tags
      • Text
      • Textarea
      • Radio
      • Checkbox
      • button
      • number
      • range
      • color
      • email
      • date
      • file
      • select
      • data list
    • Validation
    • Labels
    • Fieldset and legend
    • Placeholders
    • MultiSelect
    • Keyboard Attributes (Access Keys)
  8. HTML5 Media Tags

    • HTML5 image Element
    • Picture
    • Figure
    • FigureCaption
    • HTML5 Audio Tag
    • HTML5 Video Tag
    • Controls
    • Properties
  9. Understanding CSS role in the Modern Web

    • What Is the Modern Web?
    • What Is CSS?
    • The Role of CSS
    • Modern Browsers
    • Today’s Major Browsers
    • Browser Engines (Layout Engines)
    • Browser Usage Statistics
    • Older Browsers on the Modern Web
    • Tools for Building and Styling the Modern Web
    • Web Developer Tools
  10. Getting Started with CSS3

    • Folder Structure and Good Practices
    • Understanding the HTML Template
    • Getting Started with CSS
    • Adding CSS to a Page
    • Inline Styles
    • User Agent Stylesheets
    • Using a CSS Reset for Better Browser Consistency
    • Normalize CSS
  11. CSS Selectors

    • Relationship Between Elements
    • Selectors
    • Universal Selector
    • Tag Selector
    • ID and Class Selectors
    • Grouping Selectors
    • Combinators
    • Descendant Combinators
    • Child Combinators
    • Sibling Combinators
    • Adjacent Combinators
    • Attribute Selectors
    • Selecting Elements with an Attribute, Regardless of Its Value
    • Selecting Elements with Multiple Attributes
    • Other Attribute Selectors
    • Pseudo-Classes
      • Dynamic Pseudo-Classes
      • Structural Pseudo-Classes
      • The Target Pseudo-Class
      • The UI Element States Pseudo-Classes
    • Selecting the First Line
    • Selecting the First Letter
    • Generating Content Before and After an Element
    • Selector Specificity and the Cascade
    • The !important Rule
  12. CSS Properties

    • Text Properties
    • Width, height
    • Border
    • Margin
    • Padding
    • Background
  13. CSS Positioning

    • Block vs Inline Elements
    • Static positioning
    • Absolute positioning
    • Relative positioning
    • Relative + Absolute
    • Fixed position
    • Float and clear
    • CSS Positioning Hacks
      • Center Content
      • Equal Height
  14. CSS3

    • CSS3 Introduction
    • CSS3 browser support
    • CSS3 Gradients
    • CSS3 Text Effects
    • CSS3 Transformation
    • CSS3 Transitions
  15. CSS3 Animations

    • keyframe rules
    • Animation duration
    • Repeating animation
    • Animation Easing Graphs
    • Animation shorthand property
  16. Responsive Web Design

    • What is RWD ?
    • Designing for multiple devices
    • CSS Layouts - Fixed vs Fluid vs Adaptive
    • Mobile First Approach
    • Viewport and Setting the viewport
    • Grid View and Building Responsive Gridview
    • Media Queries
      • Introduction
      • Syntax
      • Writing Media queries
      • Breakpoints
      • Max-width and Min-width properties
      • Orientation
    • Responsive Web Design Frameworks
  17. Project

    • Creating a Registration Form in HTML5
    • Creating a Menu in CSS
    • Creating a Website

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