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Almost any application needs a persistence layer and almost all applications rely on a relational database such oracle, mysql or SQL server. Hibernate is object relational mapper which maps class objects to relational tables. With advanced age of java technology companies do not simply use JDBC as learnt in advanced Java module but use a robust and fast persistence layer such as hibernate. Hibernate has become one of the key requirement to qualify yourself as a java developer.




  1. Understanding Object/Relational Persistence

    • What is Persistence
    • The paradigm mismatch
    • Persistence Layers and alternatives
    • Object/Relational Mapping
  2. Mapping Persistent Classes

    • Understanding Entity
    • Mapping Entity with Identity
    • Class Mapping options
    • Fine-grain modelling and mapping
  3. Inheritance and Custom Types

    • Mapping class Inheritance
    • Hibernate type system
    • Creating custom mapping
  4. Mapping Collections and Entity Association

    • Sets,Bags,Lists and Maps of value type
    • Collection of components
    • Mapping collections with annotations
    • Mapping a Parent/Child relationship
  5. Advance Entity Association Mapping

    • Single valued entity association
    • Many valued entity association
    • Polymorphic association
  6. Working with Objects

    • The persistence life cycle
    • Object Identity and Equality
    • The Hibernate Interface
    • Java Persistence API
  7. Transactions and Concurrency

    • Transaction essentials
    • Controlling concurrent access
    • Non transactional data access
  8. Conversations

  9. Modifying Objects Efficiently

    • Transitive persistence
    • Bulk and Batch operations
    • Data filtering and Interception
  10. Optimizing Fetching and Caching

    • Defining the global fetch plan
    • Selecting a fetch strategy
    • Caching
  11. Querying with HQL

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