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If your basics are clear then acquiring advanced knowledge becomes easy. Learn PHP basic with Mysql and get started with the world of PHP programming. This course module covers concepts from writing simple php program up to creating php web application project.

Core PHP

Core PHP


  1. Introduction to PHP

    • Features of PHP language
    • PHP programming language history
    • Overview of real world php
    • PHP Application Stacks - WAMP, LAMP , LEMP
    • PHP, Apache & MySQL Configuration
    • The PHP Parser, Document Root, Script Execution
    • Types of Errors in PHP
    • Programs:
      • Changing Default Files Preference - index.php, home.php , index.html
      • phpinfo usage
      • Hello World in php
      • Print Year in PHP
      • Program to demonstrate PHP code in HTML
    • Assignment:
      • Installation of WAMP / LAMP Server at home
      • Changing the default file preference
      • Write a complete HTML web page with the help of PHP’s echo / print
  2. Language Fundamentals

    • PHP Script Anatomy
    • PHP Tags
    • Stream Comments vs Block Comments
    • Datatypes in PHP
    • Variables and Constants
    • Operators
      • Assignment
      • Referencing Variables
      • Arithmetic
      • String Concatenation
      • Bitwise
      • Comparison
      • Logical
    •  Programs
      • PHP Program which comments code
      • Fruit Program to demonstrate Magic of PHP Variables and Constants
      • Two variable reference assignment
      • Increment and Decrement Operation
    • Assignment:
      • Combine the variables fname and lname to form a third variable full_name
      • Swapping two variables
  3. Control Struture

    • IF, ElseIF, Nested IF
    • Ternary
    •  Switch
    • For Loop
    • Usage of Break and Continue
    • While Loop
    • Do-While Loop
    • Programs:
      • Even Odd Number Check
      • Voter Age Eligibility Program
      • BMI Calculator
      • Language based  statement program with switch
      • Finding character is Vowel or Not
      • Printing 1 to 10
    • Assignment:
      • Test if a number n is Prime
      • Printing Odd / Even Numbers till 50
  4. Functions in PHP

    • Built-in Functions
    • Reading Documentation
    • User - Defined Functions Syntax
    • Returning Values
    • Default Values to parameters
    • Scope of the variables in PHP
    • Pass By Value vs Reference
    • Variable-Length Arguments
    • Anonymous Functions
    • Callback Functions
    • Include vs Require
    • Programs:
      • Hello Username
      • Greeting based on time of the day
      • Create a function to add 2 numbers and return value
      • Explanation of scope increment global variable
      • Swapping Two variables using references
      • Factorial recursion program
    • Assignment:
      • Find the remainder of division
      • Create a function to check maximum of 3 numbers passed
      • Program to add n natural numbers 
      • Lottery - Check if the number in a variable and random number matches
      • Design add which adds two numbers from global scope
  5. Array in PHP

    • Basics of Array
    • Numeric vs Associative array
    • Printing Array
      • Using print_r
      • Using var_dump
      • Using Loop
      • Foreach Iteration
    • Array Operations
    • Array Iteration using Pointer
    • Sorting Array
    • Array as Stack, Queue, Sets
    • Programs:
      • Testing Numeric Array Behavior
      • Iterate an array with all loops
      • Calculate the sum and maximum number of array
      • Printing Multidimensional array of student data in table.
    • Assignment:
      • Sorting an array using a simple bubble sort algorithm.
      • Merge two arrays a and b in zigzag fashion.
      • Print Reverse words of sentence using explode.
  6. Strings and Patterns

    • String Delimiters
      • Single Quoted String
      • Double Quoted String
      • Heredoc String
    • Variable Interpolation
    • Escaping literal value
    • String Transformation and Functions
    • String as Arrays
    • Regex
      • Delimiters
      • Metacharacters
      • Quantifiers
      • Sub-Expressions
      • Matching and Extracting Strings
    • Programs:
      • Random password generator
      • Meaning of your name.
      • Generate Email regular expression and checking for valid emails.
    • Assignment:
      • Replace the occurrences of bad words mentioned in an array of string present in the heredoc paragraph with star (****).
      • Count the number of vowels in a string.
  7. Form Handling

    • GET vs POST
    • Forms and action
    • Multi Input Fields
    • Error handling mechanisms
    • Sending HTTP Headers
    • Handling File Uploads
    • Generation of Unique IDs in PHP
    • Programs:   
      • var_dump $_GET , $_POST and $_REQUEST for two forms sent using GET and POST
      • Calculator program to add two input box and show the value in third box
      • Create register.html to recieve input and register.php to show table of inputted values if validation succeeds.
      • Upload a file and move the file by renaming it using uniqid to create dynamic unique files.
      • Check if the uploaded image file is within size limit and  extensions.
    • Assignment:
      • Program to login admin user with username admin and password redhat.
      • Guess the random number stored in hidden form field.
      • Create a Photogallery where photos are uploaded to selected albums and link to albums.
  8. File Handling

    • Creating Files, Directories
    • File Modes
    • Reading, Writing to Files
    • Closing, Deleting Files
    • File, Disk Information
    • Checking if File Exists
    • Understanding File Information
    • Programs:
      • Poem read write - Read the file poem.txt and write convert it to lowercase mypoem.txt using
      • file_get_contents and file_put_contents.
      • Website Counter - Each visitor increments the counter written to a file.Show the counter in table cells.
      • Bulk directory Creation - Program to create 100 directories. Check if the directories does not exists already.
      • File Analysis - Program to sore occurences of characters with their count.
    • Assignment:
      • Program to store contact form collected information in csv file.
      • Show the list of files to be deleted using checkbox reading.
  9. Cookies and Session

    • Cookies vs Sessions
    • Browser Cookie Storage
    • Sending and Reading Cookies
    • Server Session Storage
    • Setting and Reading Session Data
    • Configuring Session Save Handler
    • Programs:
      • Cookie Counter
      • Session Counter
      • Language Preference - Storing user selected langugage preference in cookie.
      • Shopping Cart - Storing an array of product ids in cart.
    • Assignment:
      • Create a cookie which expires in 10 seconds.
      • Login program - Login and remember the user with session.
  10. MySQL Programming

    • DBMS Overviews, File Anomalies
    • MySQL Command Line Interface
    • SQL Fundamentals
      • Creating Database, Tables
      • Datatypes in SQL
      • Indexes, Primary Key, Unique
      • Inserting, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting data
      • Relationships
    • PHPMyAdmin Walkthrough
    • MySQLi Extension and Connectivity Functions
    • CRUD Operations
    • Inner, Outer Joins
    • Programs:
      • Inserting the value of form to table
      • Reading the created / inserted value in list
      • Reading the value individually
      • Update / Editing the item
      • Delete the value.
    • Assignment:
      • Photogallery - Create a database backed photogallery where the images are numbered randomly.

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