Which is the Best Online Training Class for AWS?

which is the best online training class for aws

We live in an extremely technology-driven world and humans are bound to use technology no matter what. So, in a time like this, it is a necessity to have at least some amount of technical knowledge. Therefore many individuals are pursuing AWS Course, Data Science Course, and Full Stack Developer Course. The search for IT Training Institutes has amplified due to the increase in the need for these courses.

These are the most in-demand courses of recent times. When people were losing their jobs during the pandemic, the job openings for these fields kept increasing, and now these fields are well-established in India, making India the 2nd largest IT hub after the USA.

Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions about AWS Training!

How Do You Choose the Correct Course in AWS?

Choosing an Institute for AWS Training can be difficult because there are plenty of Institutes offering this course in today’s times. Firstly search Institutes offering the AWS Course, next go through their course curriculum and see if they are covering the topics of their interest. Then shortlist the courses whose curriculum interests you the most and compare them.

Conducting this research is very important if you are looking for a course that suits beginners. Most of the courses in the market are catered toward individuals of intermediate levels or with an IT background. Therefore pay attention to such details.

What Will be the Eligibility of the AWS Course?

In terms of academics, there are no such strict eligibility criteria. There are courses that are for high school students as well as for individuals who have a bachelor's degree or higher educational qualification.

Apart from this, having adequate technical knowledge is also a plus, and such students are highly preferred by Institutions.

Also, having a higher level of English proficiency will be extremely beneficial in the AWS space. English is a global language and having a good hold over it can make work easier for you.

However, above all these, having at least basic knowledge about computers can make learning AWS so much easier for you. This is a very vital enrollment condition at several Institutions.

How Do I Start AWS Training?

In this section, we will introduce you to one of the most preferred Software Training Institutes in India. We will break down each point to help you understand each point better.

To begin with, Itvedant is India’s leading provider of IT Courses which offers countless number of perks and benefits in their AWS Course.


The curriculum that we provide our students covers the basics as well as advanced-level of each concept. Also, we have designed an 80-20 study pattern in which only 20% of their syllabus will be theoretical, rest will be entirely practical which will help students understand the concepts better and find solutions by themselves. Our curriculum is highly suitable for beginners as well as for people with an IT background.


The reason why Itvedant is regarded as one of the most student-friendly Institutes across the nation is that we take care of all student needs including placements even after the completion of their courses. The Placement Team Itvedant starts working on students’ placements as soon as the course ends. Itvedant’s Placement Team provides the best placement assistance. Apart from the Placement Team, we are also equipped with a team of Career Guides who help students with any help regarding their career decisions or course.

Industry Projects:

The projects and case studies that our students get are all authentic Industry-level projects and case studies sponsored by top companies. The reason why we have Industry-level projects is that we wanted our students to experience the fieldwork and get an idea of what they can expect from their corporate jobs. We want our students to get a genuine hands-on experience and learn in the best way possible.


Both of our global certifications will open countless doors of opportunities for you. Below is a list of certifications that we provide in our AWS Course:

  1. 1) Itvedant Course Completion Certificate
  2. 2) AWS Cloud Practioner Certification
  3. 3) Associate AWS Developer Certification
  4. 4) Associate AWS Solution Architect Certification
  5. 5) Associate AWS SysOps Administrator Certification

Each Certificate has its own significance.

AWS Course Fees:

To begin with, we would like to say that we provide the most affordable fee range for the AWS Training course. Not only educationally beneficial but our course is economically sound too. Besides that, we also provide the ‘No-Cost EMI’ option to students.


  1. 1) Doubt-Solving Sessions
  2. 2) Profile Building Sessions
  3. 3) Career Assistance
  4. 4) Mock Interviews
  5. 5) And more…
  6. Yes, there’s still more to add to the list

Anyway, to sum up, we would like to say that we can help you transform your career and achieve your dream goals. Every faculty and staff member at Itvedant is dedicated to guiding and supporting students throughout their Itvedant journey. To know more about our AWS Certification Training, do check out our website.

Thank you for reading. We wish you a great success ahead.