What is the Cost of a Data Science Course ?

what is the cost of a data science course

Us Humans live in a technology-driven world. It has become difficult for us to not make use of technology. We have reached a point where every basic task of the day has become associated with technology. Our world has become a place where some sort of data is collected every now and then. The collected data needs to be sorted out and arranged in the correct order or else it will result in wrong data interpretation which will further affect the accuracy of the Data Analysis. Therefore, here comes the role of a Data Scientist.

What a Data Scientist does is accumulate data, analyze, interpret, and structure it to derive accurate conclusions. Although it may seem like an elementary-level task, it is much more interesting. This is the reason why the youth is highly inclined towards the Data Science domain

Data Science has become a field that has been widely spread across India by making us the 2nd country with the most Data Science scope after America.

Data Science is a Booming Field:

Data Science is the most sought-after field in today’s times. The motive behind students undertaking this course is that there are endless career opportunities in this field. Not only students but even working professionals are switching careers after taking Data Science Courses. The number of job openings only keeps increasing in this field with each passing year.

Keep reading the blog further to know more about Data Science and the best Institute in India to provide you with the best Data Science Course.

Do You Need an IT Background to Undertake the Data Science Online Course?

No, you don’t. Although it is a given that if one has an experience in coding/ programming they can grasp the concepts faster but there is no such written rule that says one has to know coding to take up Data Science Course. However, it is absolutely fine if you don’t have prior programming knowledge. Data Science courses help you learn everything, from the fundamentals to the advanced concepts, at a fast pace but it depends on the Institute you enroll at. Some Institutes offer courses for beginners but there are also Institutes offering advanced-level courses.

What is the Salary of a Data Scientist Fresher in India?

As previously mentioned, there are several job openings in this field. The job roles in this domain include Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Analyst, Data Architect, etc. because the list goes on.

The salary of a Data Science fresher on average in India can range from 4LPA-8LPA. However, it depends on the skill set as well as the location. The salary can be on the higher side in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Banglore as there is a high demand for Data Scientists in these regions.

Now you must be wondering about which must be the best Data Science Online course but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We’re about to introduce the readers to India’s leading Software Training Institute, Itvedant.

Itvedant is one of the most preferred IT Training Institutes among students because the professors at this Institute are IT Industry Experts. Itvedant is one of those Institutes that offer Data Science courses for beginners. These beginner-level courses will help you advance in all the concepts in no time.

These are the concepts that you’ll learn in Itvedant’s extensive Data Science & Analytics with AI Course:

    • 1) Fundamentals of Data Science & Analytics
    • 2) Python Programming
    • 3) SQL
    • 4) Machine Learning
    • 5) Deep Learning
    • 6) Big Data Engineering
    • 7) Advance Excel
    • 8) PowerBI and more…

Each module is taught in depth in this 12-month course. Once the students become eligible for jobs, the placement cell of Itvedant looks after the placement and gets the students the best jobs.

So, we hope that you got to learn a lot about what Data Science is all about in this blog. We hope you take advantage of the information we provided and achieve all your career goals.