What Is The Best Book To Learn AWS?

what is the best book to learn aws

As we all live in such a highly technology-driven world, don’t you think it’d be better to upgrade yourselves as technology advances each day? Knowing that you need to upgrade yourself, have you ever thought of upskilling?

Now you may wonder what’s upskilling. Well, upskilling refers to the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills for better career opportunities and to enhance your personality.

If you’re still concerned about the question in the title, it means you surely must have considered taking IT Courses like AWS Certification Training, Data Science Courses, Full Stack Developer Courses, or a Data Engineering Course, right? But maybe you failed at finding yourself a suitable source to learn AWS Course. No worries, we’re here to help you. Keep reading the blog to find out more about AWS Training.

What Are Some Recommended Books For The AWS Certifications?

Below is a list of the top recommended book for the AWS Certification Training:

    • 1) AWS Basics- Beginners Guide: Gordon Wong
    • 2) Amazon Web Services in Action- Michael Witting
    • 3) Learning AWS- Amit Shah
    • 4) Learning Amazon Web Services- Mark Wilkins
    • 5) AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Associate- Study Guide

These are the top books highly preferred and recommended among the scorers.

What Are Good Books To Study For AWS Certified Developers?

AWS Certified Developer is a great option if you have an experience as a developer in any of the high-end programming languages.

We have listed below books that are beginner-friendly and can be used by advanced developers too:

    • 1) AWS: Amazon Web Services: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Advanced
    • 2) Amazon Web Services for Dummies- Bernard Golden
    • 3) Mastering AWS Security- Albert Anthony
    • 4) AWS Automation Cookbook- Nikit Swaraj
    • 5) Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS- Marcus Young
    • 6) Amazon Web Services Bootcamp- Sunil Gulabani
    • 7) Mastering AWS Cost Optimization- Yair Green and Eli Mansoor

What Is The Best Resource For Learning AWS?

Although you have such books to learn AWS, do you think you can master it just by bookish knowledge? Well, that seems impossible. So what’s the best resource for learning AWS?

The only way you can learn AWS in-depth is by undertaking courses. Now you’d ask, “Who offers AWS Courses?”

You have certainly come to the right place, i.e. Itvedant. We offer the ‘Master’s in AWS Cloud Technology’ at our Institute and that too at the most affordable price.

Let us introduce you to the benefits of enrolling for the AWS Course at Itvedant:

    • 1) Industry Expert Trainers:
    • At Itvedant, you’ll be trained under the guidance of IT Industry experts who will enlighten you with the latest technologies. They’ll guide and support you throughout the course.
    • 2) Industry-Level Projects:
    • Another benefit of undertaking our course is that you will get the opportunity to work on Industry-oriented projects and case studies which will enhance your knowledge of each concept that you learn.
    • 3) Global Certifications:
    • Now to validate your skills you will be given certifications. Attaching these certificates to your resume will open infinite doors of opportunities and success for you.
    • 4) Placement:
    • After the successful completion of your AWS Certification Training, as you will have become eligible for a job, our Placement Team will look after your placement. As we ensure our students with a 100% Placement Guarantee, our Team works hard on getting placements for every student.

And this list of benefits and perks just goes on.

To sum up, we’d wrap this article up by saying that books are a great source to learn new things but unless you implement the learned concepts and practice them, you won’t be able to master the subject and learn in the best way, you’ll have to be trained under great people. Hence, our Itvedant might be the best option for you if you are looking to upskill in the best way.

To know more about our Masters AWS Certification Training, check out our website- Itvedant.