What are the Best Career Options After 12th (Commerce)?

what are the best career options after 12th commerce

Commerce has always been a stream of study that has actively remained in the same position for ages. Although it is a stream that students in India have always highly opted for, there has been an increase in the number of students enrolling in commerce courses in the past few years. Commerce taught in India mainly involves business, finance, economics, accounting, etc. Students who choose the commerce stream aim to step into banking, taxation, e-commerce, finance, accounting, or international business.

However, now the times have changed, and a majority of students who completed their high school education in the commerce stream have switched to careers like film distribution and marketing, Data Analytics, digital marketing, etc. This means that today you can pursue the field of your choice even with a commerce background. We will explore these career options further in this blog.

Let us begin learning about the best career options you can choose from the commerce stream after completing your 12th grade as a commerce student.

Below is a list of career options in the commerce field:

    • 1) Chartered Accountant (CA):

    • It is one of India's most pursued professions, and lakhs of students appear for the CA Foundation exam. This profession involves becoming a financial advisor, conducting audits, managing budgets, tax planning management, etc. If you qualify for all CA exams, i.e., CA Foundation, IPCC, and Final exams, you become eligible for jobs in both, private and public sectors.

    • 2) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com):

    • Widely known as B.Com., it is also one of the most sought-after options in commerce. It lays the foundation for understanding commerce as it involves business and finance studies. Opting for B.Com can help you learn Finance and Cost Accounting, Business Law, Economics, etc., and further you can specialize in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Human Resources, etc.

    • 3) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA):

    • After completing your 12th grade, if you feel the business sector interests you, then you can opt for a BBA, as it covers various aspects of business management. Here, you will learn the fundamentals of business and its practical characteristics. The specialization in this field includes finance and operations management, marketing, human resource management, international business, and, most importantly, entrepreneurship.

    • 4) Finance and Investment Analyst:

    • The job role of an investment analyst in the finance sector includes gathering data from various sources and understanding how it will affect decisions regarding investments. You will also have the opportunity to take part in the financial planning of the organization. Hence, you will have to have a strong mathematical and analytical background to pursue this career, as it involves economics, statistics, and accounting.

    • 5) Company Secretary:

    • A company secretary is someone who handles the administration of the entire organization, but the job roles of the profession change as per the requirements of the industry and organization. They deal with legal issues alongside assisting professionals like the Board of Directors of the company. They look after the governance of the company while also seeing to it that the BoD functions well.

    • Now that we have explored so many career options in the commerce stream, let us know what other fields you can venture into. Yes, you can. If you want to pursue a different field and are looking for the best courses after 12th grade in commerce, you can go ahead with it. You can use your commerce knowledge in these fields as well.

    • 6) Advertising and Journalism:

    • It is a blend of audio-visual, and text-based communication. Some of the job profiles in this field are, Public Relations Manager, Marketing Manager, Anchor, Editors, Scriptwriter, TV Producer, News Reporter, Digital Marketing, Content Writer, and the list goes on. A degree in this field will open countless doors of job opportunities for you. Students from any academic background, who want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry can take up this course after completing their 12th grade in commerce.

    • 7) Film Direction:

    • If you are someone who has always been interested in filmmaking, you can seek a career in this field too. To apply for this job, you must have technical skills along with a unique perspective and a great hold over storytelling. A filmmaking degree from a well-known university will do half your work, but only creative individuals who have a passion for films and are ready to work hard make it to the top.

    • 8) Fashion Designing:

    • This career option also falls under one of the most creative industries, as it includes creating designs for clothes and accessories and marketing them on a large scale. In this industry, you must stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and develop exceptional marketing strategies to promote your brand or clothing line. Dealing with the manufacturers, selecting fabrics, and maintaining themes will be the tasks you’ll be working on.

    • 9) Architecture:

    • There are several branches of architecture including Interior Architecture, Residential Architecture, Industrial Architecture, Landscape Architect, etc. An Architect is required to work on the briefs, develop concept designs, review designs made by others, examine the rectifications, assign tasks, contact the contractors, etc. However, pursuing this career would require you to know how to draw because, before executing your idea you will have to put the picture you visualized onto a page.

    • 10) Event Management:

    • The role of an event manager is to plan promotional business events and social events. It is their responsibility to make sure that the event goes smoothly. They are responsible for preparing concepts for the event, deciding on the venue, budgeting, management, and promotion as well. Therefore, you need to possess outstanding communication, decision-making, and leadership skills.
    • Honestly, there is no such thing as ‘ best career options ’ because careers can’t be the best by themselves, it is your efforts that help you make it big in those fields. If you believe a certain career option is the best and you refuse to put in hard work, you are less likely to succeed. Excelling in every career option requires effort on your end, only then will you be able to succeed.
    • We hope our article has helped you explore the best career options that you can opt for after completing high school in the commerce stream, and we wish you success in whichever field you choose.
    • Thank you for reading.