Is Data Science A Promising Career?

is data science a promising career

Data Science is a rapidly growing field globally, with India being the second-largest nation in the world to have it as the most widespread occupation. There was no lack of Data Science jobs even during the pandemic, instead, the business predictions state that there will be only an upsurge of employment in the Data Science domain.

A large crowd is pursuing Data Science Online Courses each passing year, and the numbers are just increasing. Simultaneously, the need for a good IT Training Institute is also increasing.

Firstly let’s understand what Data Science is all about.

Data Science involves carrying out mathematical and statistical operations to derive accurate results. In this procedure, one has to gather data, analyze and filter it and present the cleanest data for a precise outcome. Putting the topics you’ll learn into work, like machine learning, Python, etc. Data Science has a high demand in government sectors such as healthcare, finance, marketing, agriculture, and more.

Now let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Data Science Course.

Am I Supposed to Have Prior Coding Experience to Take Up a Data Analyst Course?

What if we say that you don’t need any prior knowledge about coding to undertake a Data Science Course?

Yes, you read that right, one doesn’t need to have any prior coding or programming knowledge to join Data Science Course because there are Institutes that teach these courses from scratch to beginners. It is completely fine if you come from an Arts or Commerce background.

Is Data Science Really in Demand?

Many students are opting for a degree in Data Science Course. Even a majority of working professionals are looking for a Data Science Certification to upskill and upscale their careers. Data Scientists are highly demanded in today’s era of technology and this demand will only continue to grow. As we all know that it is a technologically dominated world that we’re living in, so it is obvious that the demand keeps increasing.

Is Data Science a High-Paying Job?

Yes, if you add a Data Science Course/ Data Analyst Course Certification to your resume, it will help you reach places. As previously mentioned, Data Science is a growing field so there are infinite opportunities in this field. The pay mostly depends on the education level you have.

According to statistics, a fresher in this field can expect an average salary of 3-4 LPA but if you belong to metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, or Delhi, you can expect higher a higher salary of nearly 6-12 LPA due to the high demand of Data Scientists in those regions. However, having a Masters's Degree or a Ph.D. in the same can lead to even higher salaries.

Can a Fresher Learn Data Science?

This takes us back to our first question. There is no such written rule or norm that freshers can’t take up the Data Science course. It’s completely okay to start from scratch, as a beginner. However, some Institutes have conditions like learners must have some knowledge about coding and programming. Nevertheless, the majority of Institutes don’t have any such rule so you can walk in without any experience.

Institute with the Best Data Science Course

Itvedant is considered India’s leading Software Training Institute. It is also one of those Institutes where you can walk in without any experience when you walk out, you’ll have a Master’s Degree, expert knowledge, and job opportunities. Itvedant is an Institute where you will be under expert guidance because professors there are IT Industry professionals who will teach you the most necessary skills needed for your profession and also give you insights into the industry.

Itvedant is one of the very few IT Training Institutes where students have an 80-20 ratio curriculum which means the course is 80% practical and 20% theoretical. This pattern allows students to learn each concept through and through. Another plus point is that they provide students with industry-level case studies and projects which gives students an idea of what kind of projects they can expect once they get into the IT Industry as professionals.

What are the Job Roles in the Data Science Domain?

These are the major designations in the field of Data Science:

  1. a) Data Scientist
  2. b) Data Analyst
  3. c) Machine Learning Engineer
  4. d) Business Analyst
  5. e) Data Architect
  6. f) Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  7. g) Data Engineer
  8. h) And more…

Remember that when you’re working on your projects and case studies, you’re getting prepared to become a professional in either of these fields because Itvedant will provide you with Industry-Level projects that you can keep adding to your portfolio.

What Will I Learn During The Data Science Course?

A wide variety of concepts are covered in the Master's Data Science Course. As it is a vast field, one needs to learn everything, from the basics to the advanced to get a firm hold over the subject and become a professional.

Below is the list of concepts covered in Itvedant’s Master’s Data Science & Analytics with AI curriculum:

  1. a) Basic and advanced topics of Data Science & Analytics
  2. b) SQL
  3. c) Big Data Engineering
  4. d) PowerBI
  5. e) Machine Learning
  6. f) Deep Learning
  7. g) Python Programming
  8. h) And more…

Yes, more topics will be covered in this Master's Data Science Course. It is a given that if you enroll in Itvedant and get trained under their Industry Expert professors, you’ll have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and essentials of Data Science in-depth which you probably won’t get to learn anywhere else. They welcome everyone, those who have a complete non-IT background as well as students who want to achieve their dream IT career goals.

The best part of enrolling in Itvedant’s Master Course in Data Science & Analytics with AI is that apart from the Itvedant’s course completion certificate, you’ll also be granted an IBM Data Science Certification. These certifications will become your ticket to success soon. By the end of this course, you’ll also end up with job opportunities in your hand because Itvedant has a very strong in-built Placement Cell.

Since we all know that the Data Science Course is vast in its contents, one must be wise when choosing the right institute as not every institute provides learners with the best learning experience.

Interested in taking up the Data Science Course? Visit Itvedant’s official website or contact them via XYZ to learn more about the course. CTA