Django Tutorial – Installing Django on Windows

Django Tutorial – Installing Django on Windows

Django Tutorial – Installing Django on Windows

Web Frameworks like Django are becoming a necessity for any web development guys out there, some try before the shoot, some try it for fun.Instead of reading the documentation read this short 5step article.

Step #1 Install Python before Django

if you have not already because Django – The Web Framework for perfectionists is a python baby 😉

To install Python go to Python Download Site and choose the flavor of your choice.

Insure that the executable in bin folder are added to the System Path

  1. Right-click My Computer select Properties.
  2. Select Advanced tab.
  3. Click Environment variables.
  4. Select Path in System Variables add a semicolon(;) at the end and paste the path to the executable i.e c:Python33bin

To test if python is properly installed run this command from command line

> python

Step #2 Download Django

This is the most easy step just download Django from official site and extract it to any folder.

Step #3 Adding Django to pythonpath

Adding django to pythonpath provides a reusable Django framework for all your projects followed from this django tutorial onwards.

Change your cwd to the one where you extracted django and just run the command

> python install

This will install all the django packages into the python library i.e  in c:Python33Libsite-packages. To test if Django is properly added to python check it with this command

python -c "import django; print(django.get_version())"


Step #4 Adding Django to Syspath

Add the django executables in the  path c:Python33Libsite-packagesdjangobin  to system path as per step 1

Step #5 Create your project

Restart the command prompt and then create your project by navigating to the directory where you want to create your project by typing in the following command

> startproject myapp


Run your web project by navigating inside your project directory and then typing in runserver


django final commands

django final commands




Go to  with your browser. Happy Django Coding.

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