How To Upload Android APK at Playstore

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How To Upload Android APK at Playstore

Upload Android APK at PlayStore

Step 1 : First you have to Create an Android APK. To learn how to create Android Application go through

Step 2 : Once your application is created you have to Release your APK for that the most important step is to check Application ID, Version Code and Version name which are located at build.gradle(module:app).

  • Application ID : It is Assigned for First time and once it is uploaded in playstore you cannot change it and suppose you changed it then it will be consider as a New Application.
  • Version Code : It must be always Updated.
  • Version name : It is depend on Application Specification.

For Example : WhatsApp, Messenger.
Whatsapp screenshot

Build APK

Step 3 : To generate signed APK go to build -> Generate Signed APK

Generate APk

Step 4 : You have to fill following details and click Next.

Generate APk options/popup

Step 5 : You have to fill following details and click Ok.

Details Form

Step 6 : You have to select V1 and V2 Signature Versions and then finish.

Signature version selection

Step 7 : These was the process to generate Generate Assigned Apk successfully and click on show in explorer.

Generate Signed Apk

Step 8 : It will show the path of the release APK.

Directory structure of release APK

Step 9 : Once your Apk is generated next step is to login at PlayStore.

Step 10 : After login click on Create Application Button.

Create Application Dashboard

Step 11 : Select language and give appropriate title for your application.

Give language & title to the application

Step 12 : Once Application Created then click on Store Presence -> Store Listing and fill information but field marked with * need to be filled before publishing.


Store-listing graphics assets

Store-listing product details

Store-listing product details adding images

Step 13 : In Store Listing we also have fill information about Categorization, Contact Details, Privacy Policy.

fill information about Categorization

Contact Details

Privacy Policy

Step 14 : Next step is Content rating for that Start New Questionnaire.

Content rating for Start New Questionnaire

Step 15 : Go to Release Management -> App Release. There are 3 types of Testing :

  • Alpha Testing
    • Open Alpha Testing : Anyone can use it who has Application
    • Close Alpha Testing : Only who has Email ID can use these Application.
  • Beta Testing : Quantity of people are more than Alpha.
    • Open Beta Testing
    • Close Beta Testing
  • Production : There will be full rollout. Manage Production in Production field.


Step 16 : Click on Create Release.

create release

Step 17 : Upload APK : When you want to directly upload the APK then it will be in production.
Add APK : When you click on Add Apk it will make sure that your APK must be added in Alpha else Beta.

Upload APK

Step 18 : To Upload Apk you have to drop apk file else browse file.

Browse files for upload

Step 19 : And These is how APK is uploaded.

Upload processing box

After upload information

Version Code

Step 20 : When you click on publish… It will display as published; But it will actually publish it when we add Pricing and Distribution in store presence.


Step 21 : Once Apk is uploaded you have insert Pricing and Distribution. And we have to keep in mind that Once Apk is free then further we cannot make it Paid and if it’s paid we can make it free.

pricing and distribution

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