yii framework development


yii framework development

yiiYii framework also called as “Yes It Is” framework is a high performance PHP framework. Yii framework development is used in PHP projects to make our work easy and adds features to our website. It is faster as compared to other frameworks which were previously developed and  is easy to understand.It is used to build web applications.It is one of the most secured frameworks.Most developers prefer yii framework over other frameworks.This is because it is easier and an advanced version which can be used in real live projects.

Vedant-IT Academy is providing training in yii framework development. The training provided at this academy is not being provided anywhere in Mumbai.Students are given training on live projects.We have previously developed PHP projects using the yii framework. We mostly use yii framework in our projects. We always strive to give updated information to the students in our academy.At this academy,you have a chance to develop yourself.

While studying yii framework,you need to have basic knowledge of object oriented concepts and database programming. Yii includes features such as Model View Controller(MVC),generation of WSDL service specifications and managing Web Service Request Handling. It also includes auto code generation for CRUD applications and skeleton application.



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