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WordPress development

Vedant-IT Academy is offering courses in WordPress Development.If you are interested in career in WordPress Development,you need to have good knowledge in PHP and MySql language.Becoming a WordPress developer is no walk in the park.It is not something which you can learn in a few months and become experts.It requires a lot of hardwork,dedication and above all Patience. Results will not always come quickly.You may have to wait patiently to get the desired results.

We at IT-Vedant Academy also offer training in theme development and customization development.We also teach how to customize websites according to user’s needs. The importance of WordPress is that it helps you create websites without much of coding.Right from installing WordPress to becoming good developers,all is being taught in Vedant-IT Academy.


“But why should one choose a career in WordPress Development?” The reasons are as follows:

1.WordPress developing is not an easy thing.So the one who masters in it,is going to make good money.Clients are willing to pay extra for knowledgeable WP developers.

2.Clients which will be coming to you will be of top companies.This will help in gaining your reputation among top companies.

3.You will have the authority to choose your clients.If you don’t want to take a particular project,you can simply say “No”.This you can do because you have an excellent knowledge of WordPress.

To be a WordPress developer,you need to learn about Plugins,Widgets,API’s and much more.You also need to refer PHP Manual and also MySql Manual. Knowledge of HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT will also have an added advantage.WordPress deals with Content Management System(CMS).


The best way to learn plugins is to start writing them.Also learn about data validation,migrating plugins,debugging and global variables.This will help you in plugin development.


There are a lot of API’s to be learned.API’s such as plugin,shortcode,dashboard widgets,widgets are some of the API’s you will come across in WordPress.

To increase your knowledge on WordPress,you need to join various communities on social networking sites and follow the top wordpress developers.The more you read,the more it will help in making you a better developer.Post in your comments or ask queries on the topic which you are finding difficult to follow.

Vedant-IT Academy also offers courses in WordPress Development.Here,you will not only receive theoretical training but practical training as well.Each and every concept of WordPress will be explained to you with the minute detail.You will be guided by our professors in helping you with all the concepts.That being said,you must also practice that hard and willing to give your 100%.Since this is not an easy topic to understand.

To know more about WordPress Development,you can visit us by clicking here. You will get all the necessary information on WordPress.

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