why do we need web framework

why do we need web framework

why do we need web framework

Many ask me what is A Web Framework why do we need web frameworks ?

What exactly is a web development framework and why do we need it ?

A Web Framework is a machinery which works together to provide all the web components like database, url manager,configuration settings etc. interacting in a best known pattern.

framework is machinery of web components

framework is machinery of web components

As  you will get more experienced in development you will see each language which is grown out popular has a solid web framework to support it.Here is a list of the languages and its frameworks a complete list is availaible at Wikipedia.


  1. Java -> Struts, Spring
  2. C# -> Dot Net framework, Asp.Net MVC
  3. PHP -> CakePHP, Zend , Symphony, Yii
  4. Ruby -> Ruby on Rails


Thus it has become an axiom to say Languages are incomplete without a Proper Web framework

Some features of Web Framework

  1. They are developed by software architects following the best design and architecture patterns , in short you have to work less.
  2. Frameworks means less Application Code and More Business Logic.
  3. Chances of Doing mistakes are very rare if followed the simple guidelines.
  4. Increased Performance due to built in components like caching .
  5. Automated tools to generate generic code snippet for CRUD operations.

I would like to add a word on two on Why do we need a web framework cant we directly code it in Core language like python, php ? Well you can but you don’t like to reinvent the wheel and the important goal of a developer is to develop things thus concentrating more on the business logic by keeping the application logic to as down as possible.But for robust application we do need a strong application code and if the framework takes this responsibility you would be mice in the cats race if you still want to work on a core language for a large project.

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