software development outsourcing in india

software development outsourcing in india

software development outsourcing in india

“Software Development Outsourcing in India” has been taking place way back from the 15th century.The main reason why companies outsource is to save their money on operational costs and training costs. This helps them in maximizing their profits. Many countries are looking at India for outsourcing their resources.Companies have outsourced website design,seo and application resource to India.The main reason for this being highly skilled manpower at low costs,favorable government policies and time zone flexibility.

In India,outsourcing began in early 1990’s and since then it has played an important role in the development of Indian Economy. Good computer knowledge, good command over English language are some of the factors that has attracted outside companies to outsource their resources and invest in India. Companies have to pay less in India as compared to in their own country. For eg. Salary of a back office employee in U.S.A would cost $1000 a week for the software company.whereas it would  cost him 30,000 Rupees per month.



Outsourcing website design to India:



Web designing  in India is fast gaining popularity among foreign companies.Good web designers are essential in making your website look attractive and pleasant to the eyes. Since India is a growing market,many companies are now outsourcing to India.good web designers are available here at affordable cost.Companies are saving their operational costs and time by outsourcing to India.

Outsourcing SEO to India:

Search Engine Optimizer(SEO) are becoming increasingly important in promoting your website.Companies now hire SEO firms to increase their ranking. An outsourced SEO firm in India is known for its good SEO knowledge,vast experience and its reliable on and off page optimization. SEO’s in India are cheaper as compared to United States and Canada. Outsourcing SEO to India saves 60-80% revenue of the companies.Hence,it is proven that India is the best Outsourcing Hub.

Outsourcing Application to India:

Since India has become an attractive Outsourcing destination,many global customers are now outsourcing their software applications to India.Earlier, Indian companies only used to do the coding work.But now,they offer unique solutions and have developed their talent in managing applications.India offers high quality e-business,wireless and web application services at reasonable costs.

Vedant-IT Academy has also provided outsourcing services to many companies. Many clients have outsourced their resources to us and we in return have provided them with proper and satisfactory solutions. We always strive hard to give the best and quality services to our clients.For more details, click here.

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