How to be a better programmer

How to be a better programmer

How to be a better programmer

I see a lot of computer enthusiast running into programming but not attaining so called what it takes to be a better programmer.
This story is true for myself and I will give you certain tips about how to code better how to bring out the best programming skills from you.

Better Programmer Tip #1 : Code is in the Mind

N00B programmers have a habit of fiddling with the code, expecting some miracle to happen but better programmers develop solutions without going near the PC ! Pareto principle says 80% of your work which you are going to perform is going to be achieved by 20% of your code.Increase your own time productivity by writing good code in your brain.

Better Programmer Tip #2 : Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

I am not at all saying to buy components off the shelf that would be the decision of your management committee.The point over here is when you try to view whatever work made by others even without the decision to buy those it helps you in knowing even some minor things which you could have foreseen.

Better Programmer Tip #3 : Test Before you write (TDD approach)

Test Driven Development is writing test cases before even you write Code.Also know as Behavior Driven Development is a modern approach to write code and test cases together.Agree to this that programmers forget the long promise of writing the test cases after they have written the code.With TDD you write test cases which fails first and then write code to withstand the test cases.

Better Programmer Tip #4 : Validation at three levels

Validation happens at three levels and each side should ignore that validation has happened at layer below and above it.Validation should happen primarily at the database side with domain constraints and  integrity constraints.Your application should be bulletproof to handle all the business processing while the third validation happens on the view/client side.

Better Programmer Tip #5 : Read Out the Code in Mother Tongue

This is by far one of my favorite technique the coded language should be translated into your mother tongue and the code should be read as in this way :

if ( max(girls) <  min(boys))
int girlsWin = 1.5 * avg(girlHeight);

if maximum number of girls are less than minimum number of boys then the girls winning chances are 1.5 times their average height.

Follow these tips blindly, don’t perform silly mistakes and one day you will the Zukerberg.Happy Programming.

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