Hello world in all programming languages

Hello world in all programming languages

Hello world in all programming languages

Why do all programmers start with Hello World ! ? It all started with the famous C language in in  1974 in Bell Laboratories when a programmer had wrote a tutorial on the subject Programming in C: which contains the first known version:

C  –

        printf("hello, world");
The kids who will learn computer programming will write hello world as their first program

The kids who will be learning computer programming will write their first program even after 100 years later — Hello World !!!

And then it became the tradition with all the languages continuing the tradition.Here are some of the Hello World’s for you in some of the famous languages…

Hello World in PHP – PHP is an Interpreted Dynamic language used for Website and Web Development

<?php echo "Hello World!"; ?>

Hello World in Java – Java is a sand-boxed language emphasizes more on its platform independent nature

class Main { 
public static void main(String [] args) { 
System.out.println("Hello World"); 

Hello World in C# Dot Net – C# is an Object Oriented Language developed by Microsoft to support its Dot Net Framework

public class HelloWorld

public static void Main()
System.Console.WriteLine(“Hello World !”);

Hello World in Python – Python is mixture of all good feature language, used by Google


print "Hello World!" 


Hello World in Javascript – Javascript is a all purpose dynamic scripting language commonly used for Frontend Web Programming

alert("Hello World");

If you want a more exhaustive list of  the code samples wikipedia is your way.Programmers or humans let us say wants to see the outcome of their actions quickly.Thus they need a good introductory program easy to write easy to understand.Programmers from other programming background who have familiarity with programming will be easy to cope up with a certain new language.Thus when they are learning a very new language they try to match the similarities with the exististing language to the new one !

As anyone who is new to the world of PHP, Python or Ruby on Rails , these languages have got enormous power over the older counter parts so we should get the benefits from the older one without reinventing the wheel.

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