Google pays tribute to Rubik’s Cube

Rubiks cube

Google pays tribute to Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube???what is it?Strange.Right?Many us may not be familiar with this name but a lot of us are familiar with the cube sized toy puzzle with which we used to play in our childhood.Some might even be playing with it today.The pic below will make go all your doubts about the Rubik’s cube.So on the 40th anniversary today,Google pays tribute to Rubik’s Cube.

RubikCubeRubik’s cube was invented by Hungarian Sculptor and Professor of Architecture Erno Rubik. The cube consists of six colors,namely white,red,green,orange,blue and yellow. It is a puzzle where each side must be returned to one particular color.It took a month for Rubik to solve the puzzle.Rubik cube’s toy is one of the largest selling toy in the world.During the 1980’s,it reached the height of its popularity.350 Million cubes have being sold all over the world as of 2009.

The toys were manufactured by Ideal Toy Corp in 1980. The toy is considered to be the greatest puzzle game of all time.Algorithms were made to solve this puzzle.So on it’s 40th Anniversary,Google has paid tribute to the cube by posting a doodle on its web page.Users can also solve the puzzle digitally on Google’s home page.

World Championships were also held for Rubik’s Cube.The 1st World Championship was held in 1982 in Budapest,Hungary.The winner solved the cube in 22.95 seconds.The record for solving the Cube fastest is held by a Robot.Since 2003,World Cube Association has organized competitions and kept official world records.

Similar cubes were made by scholars in Canada and Japan but nothing matched the popularity of Rubik’s cube.There were patent violations as well.Nichols sued the Ideal Toy Corp over patents infringement.

Rubik’s cube also called as “The Magic Cube” was sold first in 1977 under this name and then renamed as Rubik’s Cube in 1980.


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