Career as a Web Designer

Career as a Web Designer

Career as a Web Designer

Career As Web designers

If anybody wants to start their career as a web designer or if anybody wants to switch their career in I.T by becoming a web designer then one has to understand what web designers do? How can one become a web designer? How much salary do they draw? Is there any growth ahead? There are lots of questions one may have. So here is some detailed information you will need to gather before choosing your career as a web designer.

What is web designing?

Web designing is developing creative and interactive websites using knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery.

Web designing VS web development

There is a thin line between web designing and web development. Web designers create static websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript while web developers make this website dynamic using programming languages such as PHP/ASP/JSP/Python.

Web designers Market scope

From the birth of internet which is in 1990 to till now, the growth of the internet is always increasing. Websites are hearts of internet. Every business, organization and even individual wants their online presence. so need of website designing and designers are ever increasing. 70% of software companies are always short of web designers. Most of the start ups are rely on fresher candidates who can design a website for them.

Career growth and Milestones

Web designers have very good career growth. In first 6 to 8 years of their career, they do most of the coding. After that, once they reach to managerial position their main job is to manage their team and clients for completion of projects on time.

Jr. Web designer :

Most of the designers on joining any company for the first time get this designation. This is the most important stage in your career where your seniors are monitoring you. Your performance defines your image in your company. This is a period where you get a lot of knowledge and guidance from your senior.

Sr. Web designer :

After almost 2 years of experience as Jr. Designer, you will get promoted to this position. Here your responsibility as a designer increases since your project managers are expecting fast and perfect work from you. Now, this is the time to pass on knowledge and guidance to your juniors as your senior did.

Team Leader :

Once you have 5 to 6 years of experience you can lead a team of sr. and jr. designers under the guidance of your project manager. Here you will need to gather some management skills which will help you in upcoming future.

Jr. Project Manager :

Managing single or a couple of projects at a time and making sure it will get completed as per requirement and in given time period. After the experience of 7 to 10 years, you reach this position.

Sr. Project manager :

Here you manage 4 or more projects at a time. This is the position of more responsibility which defines the growth of any organization.

There are many intermediate designations offered by different organizations as per their hierarchy structure. Sometimes designations are named differently but roles and responsibilities remain same as mentioned above.

Salary structure as per designation :

Following is the average salary structure which might change with companies and individuals performance and skill-set.

Designation Experience (in years) Monthly Salary (in Rupees)
Jr. web designer 0-2 8,000-16,000
Sr. Web designer 2-5 16,000-40,000
Team Leader 5-7 40,000-70,000
Jr. Project manager 7-10 70,000-1,00,000
Sr. Project Manager .10-15 1,00,000-2,00,000


Become web designer :

To become effective web designer one should have knowledge of following technologies:

  1. HTML5 – it is used to create a structure of a website. It defines the presentation of the website.
  2. CSS3 – it is used to provide styling to a website which defines fonts, colours, spacing. This gives look and feels to the website.
  3. JavaScript/jQuery – It provides aesthetic nature to your website. The website becomes more interactive and Live. It is used to create popup and slider.
  4. Media queries – To create a responsive website which will run on any size of the device.

Anybody can learn all these technologies online. But for effective learning, one can join web design course at ITVedant institute who gives hands-on training which is practically orientated.

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