Core PHP

MySQL Programming

  • DBMS Overviews, File Anomalies
  • MySQL Command Line Interface
  • SQL Fundamentals
    • Creating Database, Tables
    • Datatypes in SQL
    • Indexes, Primary Key, Unique
    • Inserting, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting data
    • Relationships
  • PHPMyAdmin Walkthrough
  • MySQLi Extension and Connectivity Functions
  • CRUD Operations
  • Inner, Outer Joins
  • Programs:
    • Inserting the value of form to table
    • Reading the created / inserted value in list
    • Reading the value individually
    • Update / Editing the item
    • Delete the value.
  • Assignment:
    • Photogallery - Create a database backed photogallery where the images are numbered randomly.
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