Core PHP

Form Handling

  • GET vs POST
  • Forms and action
  • Multi Input Fields
  • Error handling mechanisms
  • Sending HTTP Headers
  • Handling File Uploads
  • Generation of Unique IDs in PHP
  • Programs:   
    • var_dump $_GET , $_POST and $_REQUEST for two forms sent using GET and POST
    • Calculator program to add two input box and show the value in third box
    • Create register.html to recieve input and register.php to show table of inputted values if validation succeeds.
    • Upload a file and move the file by renaming it using uniqid to create dynamic unique files.
    • Check if the uploaded image file is within size limit and  extensions.
  • Assignment:
    • Program to login admin user with username admin and password redhat.
    • Guess the random number stored in hidden form field.
    • Create a Photogallery where photos are uploaded to selected albums and link to albums.
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