Core PHP

File Handling

  • Creating Files, Directories
  • File Modes
  • Reading, Writing to Files
  • Closing, Deleting Files
  • File, Disk Information
  • Checking if File Exists
  • Understanding File Information
  • Programs:
    • Poem read write - Read the file poem.txt and write convert it to lowercase mypoem.txt using file_get_contents and file_put_contents.
    • Website Counter - Each visitor increments the counter written to a file.Show the counter in table cells.
    • Bulk directory Creation - Program to create 100 directories. Check if the directories does not exists already.
    • File Analysis - Program to sore occurences of characters with their count.
  • Assignment:
    • Program to store contact form collected information in csv file.
    • Show the list of files to be deleted using checkbox reading.
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