VIA vs NIIT vs Aptech – The truth about IT Training


VIA vs NIIT vs Aptech – The truth about IT Training

Truth About NIIT and Aptech



Truth About NIIT and Aptech

Fooled By False Marketing strategies of Institutes like NIIT and Aptech ? You are not alone...

Every year thousand of students across the country need good quality IT Training for a stable job in ever growing IT industry.This is where some of the money launderers like NIIT and Aptech makes the most false promises in the name of education.

Students who know nothing particulary in Information Technology are given false promises like guaranteed job's but show me any NIIT student placed in companies other than tech support. Half the students leave the course mid - way due to bad teaching experience, because the teachers are those who had been NIIT students ! yes this is a fact that NIIT need low cost trainers and they get it in their institutes itself.So if you join NIIT good you will get placed in NIIT also 😀

Our secret guy unleased the truth by going in one of the NIIT Center in Mumbai and here is conversation.The guy showed as if he is new to IT and this is how it took over...

Secret Guy: "What are the options in IT availaible ? will I get job after completing the course ?"

Counsellor: "Ok dont seem tensed I will guide you, tell me what have you done"

Secret Guy: "I am a B.Sc plain and want to get into IT"

Counsellor: "Cool ! let me explain you one by one first tell me about your budget"

[I dont know if knowledge varies according to the budget ! but this question is asked in all those IT Education Marketing firms 😛 ]

Secret Guy: "I depends upon, you tell me what are the courses you have."

Counsellor: "Ok then what is the duration you are looking for ?"

Secret Guy: "First tell me the courses then I can decide that !"

[It is not the mistake of the counsellors but they have been trained to asked such questions]

...the discussion continues in same fashion....

Secret Guy: "Can you give me job gaurantee?"

Counsellor: "Yes I give you a job gaurantee...choose any course we will place you in top companies.See I would like to tell you IT recruitment process, if you go in any of the company then the recruitment process will take 9-10 rounds minimum.If we will send you then you will have to give only 2 - 3rounds.That is the difference NIIT students are known in the industry."

[No company other than google and microsoft takes so many rounds i.e 10 ! every company takes only 2-3 rounds.]

Secret Guy: "But one friend of mine who had joined NIIT did not get placed anywhere"

Counsellor: "He might have not completed the course, many students leave the course halfway"

Secret Guy: "No he did complete the course"

Counsellor:"Then he might not have went for the placement rounds"

The fact is these are marketing giants they will tackle and brainwash your brains but the results... No one from NIIT has been even passed even the first round of Google or Microsoft.It is just because they love money instead of technology.

Disclaimer: - The above mentioned blog is personal opinion of the blogger/author based on the experience of the author and does not intend to solicit business or harm any particular brand.

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