What they don’t teach in colleges – Job Tips

What they don’t teach in colleges – Job Tips

What they don’t teach in colleges – Job Tips

Job Tips :-

Students having achieved good percentage in their degree have NO Job,their parents ask me why they are not getting job even after they have spent lacs of rupees on their education seeing me as a last resort they ask me to give them Job and Interview tips this is the situation with most of them in India.Well These job and interview tips are specially for you if you are among one of them.

You have a marvelous record even if you aren’t among toppers and still you don’t have a job. Days are over when someone saying ladka engineer hai or MBA hai.Pick up any  building in India and shake it — an Engineer or an MBA will drop from every floor. Are you one of among them Mr. Engineer ? or not even that ? if your conscience is saying yes then follow this Job and interview tips in this series as a guru mantra to your success.

Dont Blame the System the entire Day – Job Tips #7

Job-Tip-150x150So let us examine where does the fault exactly lies – there are two reasons for it You and Education system. There can be hours of discussion on how the current education in India is ruining students life and there can be n number of proposed solutions like having only students take those subjects in college which he want to make a profession and allocate credit points to them instead of dumping a bunch of students so called class in India and starting a race among them.But whats the point of such speaking if your solution don’t realize practically, they all have already turned a deaf ears to such thing  mind you hence lets study the second reason.

“The Student ? why and how can you blame a student ? after all we have been just following the river of knowledge preached, we all students do whatever we are taught to and do it 100% correctly ! How can you blame us ?”

Well a day in my life I was relaxing my body on the river bank swimming without any pain slowly the water was moving and it was taking me along the flow moving slowly slowly into another village.”Villiage ? are you mad the water goes to the sea after that … immediately come out of that dilemma my good old mind or soon get perished in the sea water “I said to myself after which I immediately started swimming heavily across the rocks and then came to corner where I reached success, else like other students the education river here would make me one of the several hundreds who don’t care where the river is taking them.

Always Motivate Yourself – Job Tips #3

There are times when you will be cursing your past, Don’t Do That ! Be Positive and take the situation positively watch some interesting motivational videos.Find some amazing quotes .

Tuch Tujha Jeevanacha Shilpakar

This is a popular Marathi saying which illustrates  a sculpturer carving his own body his own destiny.If they don’t teach it the good way aren’t you responsible for learning the good way, the way you like or still thou art a kid pampered for doing good beaten for bad.This is 21st century the era of information technology where everything is made available to you without having to move your buttock .Hundreds of good universities post their teachings online, you have access to thousands of images, formulas and much more at your click.You are the one who needs to  uplift yourself. So next time just dont study for the exam or to pass, be the rancho of 3 Idiots and really study to gain knowlege.Afterall “Kaabil Banoge to Kamiyaabi Zhak marke peeche aayegi”.


Conclusion:  They all give Degrees, They Don’t give Knowledge.

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