Job Guarantee


Job Guarantee

We have been getting a lot of questions on how to land up to your dream job..?? We are providing corporate training to many good companies and they keep telling us that there is no good skilled programmers out there. Contrastingly candidates complain about not having good jobs. We at ITVEDANT fits as a glue between the companies and the candidates to solve the problem which your college failed at !


College taught you to prepare yourself for degree, we prepare you for knowledge. College gave theory we give practical. College thought at 50-100 candidates are same, we know each is different and hence we intake only 8 in a batch for personal attention. This prepares you more technically sound than your classmates. But still there is a golden knowledge which we give which is never ever taught in any school or college, this is the sacred knowledge with which we can assure Guaranteed JOB to even the average student.


Let's take the example of Pizza! What if you were given just uncooked flatbread, with tomato sauce and cheese in one bowl, the regular toppings like meat and lots of green vegetables in second bowl and no condiments at all(yuck).

On the other hand, what if you get a freshly oven baked flatbread, topped with delicious tomato sauce, melting cheese, mouth watering selection of meat and vegetables with your favorite condiments!
Which one would you choose for yourself?

In real life, though your technical skillset is of utmost importance (ingredients of Pizza), there's a lot more to it. Most of us who graduate from same college degrees have tried to gather same skills, same resumes (many are copies of each others), same answer to tell me about yourself question but the only way you can stand out is how you sell , market, advertise yourself! I know many a middle class families hate these words advertise, market but in fact, if you know how to sell yourself (and have decent knowledge of your field), you can even overtake a lot of technical geeks as well and raise your bar.

In our job guarantee course we make you the BAADSHAH of technical stuff with advance industry oriented courses + we teach you how to present yourself.
We cover the 4 aspects of interview :

  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Mock Interviews
  • Guidance from Industry Experts

Imagine yourself as a product and being sold on amazon so does the product description (resume) needs to be good ? How many of us know that resume's of people working in Google, Microsoft and all good companies are one paged? This is because no institution teaches you all these basic skillsets which are utmost necessary for you to climb the ladder of success. In Job Guarantee course along with Web, Mobile Application , basic training of Linux, git and other industry tools and skillsets we teach candidates how to be different than the competitors with a well scrutinized resume, a web portfolio, mock interviews and guidance from industry experts.


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