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According to current market scenario, As a PHP developer you should know at least one mvc based PHP framework. Yii2 is one of the most popular and widely used mvc framework. By learning Yii2, you can develop large PHP applications using less efforts and time. Yii2 stands at #1 position as compared to other frameworks. Having knowledge of Yii2 MVC framework makes your portfolio strong as compared to other php developers.

Yii Framework

Yii Framework


  1. Introduction to Yii2

    • Need of Framework
    • MVC Architecture
    • History of Yii2
    • Features of Yii2
    • Comparing Yii2
    • Revision of OOPs Fundamentals
    • Meeting Prerequisites for Yii2
    • Downloading and Installing Yii2
      Programming Exercise:  Todo App in 5 minutes
      Assignment:  Create employee CRUD using Yii2
  2. Basic of Yii2

    • Understanding the 5 directories
      • config
      • web
      • controllers
      • views
      • models
    • Creating controller from scratch
    • Rendering the view
    • Passing data to the view
    • GET and POST handling
    • Form Creation with HTML Helper
    • Adding a modelProgramming Exercise
      • Creating HelloController with welcome action
      • Creating CalcController with multiple actions


      • Create Greet controller with morning and evening actions
      • Create YearController which displays the current month inside action month with the help of a view (no model).
      • Create a form which enters student’s first name and last name and displays the full name on top of it. 
  3. Working with Database

    • Model and ActiveRecord Class
    • Using ActiveForm
    • Attribute Labels
    • Validating user input
    • Mass Assignment
    • Saving Data
    • Reading Data
    • Find one vs Find all
    • The where clause
    • The order clause
    Programming Exercise: 
    • Create car CRUD operations
    • Designing car search form 
  4. Handling Migrations

    • Need for Migrations
    • Creating a migrations
    • Creating Tables and Inserting Data
    • Dropping Tables and Deleting Data
    • Migrating Up  and Down
    • Transactional Migrations
    Programming Exercise: 
    • Create Customer table through migrations
    • Create staff table through migrations
  5. User Management

    • Authentication vs Authorisation
    • Understanding Identity Interface
    • Using user app component
    • Checking if user is guest
    • Retrieving user information
    • Encrypting Passwords
     Programming Exercise: 
    • Create Customer login flow
    • Create admin login flow where the admin are already created in migrations. 
  6. Relation in Yii2

    • Multiplicity Concept of Database
    • Declaring Relations
    • Accessing relational data
    • Inverse Relations
    • Saving Relations
    • Eager Loading vs Lazy Loading
  7. Sessions, Cookies & Aliases

    • Accessing Session data
    • Session Flash data
    • Reading Cookies
    • Sending Cookies
    • Understanding Aliases
  8. Views, Assets and Widgets

    • Creating Layouts
    • Registering Link Tags
    • Registering CSS and JS
    • Need for Assets
    • Adding CSS and JS to asset
    • Registering an asset to layout
    • File Upload
    • Tabular Input
    • GridView
    • ListView
    • DetailView
    • JQuery UI Widgets
  9. Modules

    • Creating Modules
    • Application Configuration
    • Module Class
    • Module Url
  10. Console Application

    • What are console applications
    • Need for console applications
    • Create controller and actions
    • Declaring and passing arguments
    • Exit Code
  11. Advance Application

    • Basic vs Advance App
    • Understanding Environments
    • Multiple config files
    • Running user migration
  12. RESTful Web Services

    • Overview of Web Services
    • Using POSTMan Chrome extension
    • Routing
    • Authentication

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