It's fun learning SAS. And it provides simple user interface and easiest way to access many applications.


    • What is SAS?
    • Key Features
    • Submitting a SAS Program
    • SAS Program
    • Syntax Examining SAS Datasets Accessing SAS Libraries
    • Sorting and Grouping
    • Reporting Data
    • Using SAS Formats
    • Reading SAS Datasets
    • Reading Excel Data
    • Reading Raw Files
    • Reading Database Data
    • Creating Summary Reports
    • Combining Datasets
    • Writing Observations
    • Writing to Multiple Datasets
    • Accumulating Total
    • Creating Accumulating Total for a Group of Data
    • Data Transformations
    • Introduction to Macro Variables
    • Automatic Macro Variables
    • User Defined Macro Variables
    • Macro Variable Reference
    • Defining and Calling Macros
    • Macro Parameters
    • Global and Local Symbol Table
    • Creating Macro Variables in the Data Step
  1. SQL

    • Introduction to SQL
    • How Does RDBMS Work?
    • SQL Procedures
    • Specifying Columns
    • Specifying Rows
    • Presenting Data
    • Summarizing Data
    • Writing Join Queries using SQL
    • Working with Subqueries, Indexes and Views
    • Set Operators
    • Creating Tables and Views using Proc SQL


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