It's fun learning SAS. learn SAS programming because it provides a simple user interface and easiest way to access many applications. SAS training course is an important part of Data Science. we provide SAS training program which helped us to be the one of the best SAS training in Mumbai


    • What is SAS?
    • Key Features
    • Submitting a SAS Program
    • SAS Program
    • Syntax Examining SAS Datasets Accessing SAS Libraries
    • Sorting and Grouping
    • Reporting Data
    • Using SAS Formats
    • Reading SAS Datasets
    • Reading Excel Data
    • Reading Raw Files
    • Reading Database Data
    • Creating Summary Reports
    • Combining Datasets
    • Writing Observations
    • Writing to Multiple Datasets
    • Accumulating Total
    • Creating Accumulating Total for a Group of Data
    • Data Transformations
    • Introduction to Macro Variables
    • Automatic Macro Variables
    • User Defined Macro Variables
    • Macro Variable Reference
    • Defining and Calling Macros
    • Macro Parameters
    • Global and Local Symbol Table
    • Creating Macro Variables in the Data Step
  1. SQL

    • Introduction to SQL
    • How Does RDBMS Work?
    • SQL Procedures
    • Specifying Columns
    • Specifying Rows
    • Presenting Data
    • Summarizing Data
    • Writing Join Queries using SQL
    • Working with Subqueries, Indexes and Views
    • Set Operators
    • Creating Tables and Views using Proc SQL

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