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Node js is a javascript runtime environment which helps to run javascript on the web server. Using Node js you can create scalable network applications. Being an asynchronous event-driven javascript runtime framework node js can handle multiple requests concurrently. It is one of essential framework of MEAN stack development. Historically, we used to call javascript as a client-side programming language but with Node JS it’s being used on the server side as well.




  1. Intro to Node.js

    • What is Node.js
    • Overview of Node.js
    • Installing Node.js and NPM
    • Setting up environment
    • Blocking vs. Non-blocking
    • Reading files
    • Node.js Hello World
    • Building servers using http module
    • Running Hello World application on server
    • Issuing Request
  2. Streams

    • What Are Streams?
    • Streaming Response
    • How To Read From The Request?
    • Create an Echo Server
    • Reading and Writing A File
    • Upload a File
    • Back Pressure!
    • Solving Back Pressure
    • File Uploading Progress
  3. Modules

    • Exporting
    • npm installing
    • Dependencies
    • Semantic versioning
  4. Error Handling

    • Error-first callbacks
    • Event Emitter errors
    • Propagating more descriptive errors with verror module
    • Debugging node applications with node inspector

    • Creating Rooms
    • Listening for events
    • Answering events
    • Sending private message with events
    • Broadcasting events
    • Saving client data
    • Namespaces
    • Creating real-time application with Express JS and
  6. Persisting Data

    • Redis/MongoDB
    • Connecting Node.js to database
    • Working with lists
    • Persisting
    • Emitting

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