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Django is the most popular framework not only in python but also seeing the current web development trend. This course will help you achieve practical confidence in building web applications with Django. To learn django knowledge of python programming basics is a must. At the end of course you will be able to create any web application which will be database driven. Along with the course we shall focus on an ecommerce project which is building a shopping cart application with Python Django and OSCAR. Django is beautiful, there are huge opportunities in the market only if you gain expertise and hands-on experience on it.With itvedant be assured that you get the most right guidance !

Django Web Framework

Django Web Framework


  1. Overview of Django

    • Django MVC - Model , View and Templates
    • DRY programming: Don’t Repeat Yourself
    • Installation using PIP
    • Quick Overview of Django Project
      • Designing the models
      • Running migration
      • Testing with Python Command Line
      • Admin Interface
    • Files & Folder Organisation in Django project
      • Models
      • Urls
      • Views
      • Templates
    • Testing in Django
      • Unit testing using the builtin django test framework
      • TDD Approach
  2. Admin site

    • Activating the admin site
    • Customizing the admin form
    • Adding related objects
  3. Authentication

    • Authentication Overview: Users, Permissions and Groups
    • User Management
    • Securely storing the passwords
    • A Simple Login Management Flow
      • Register
      • Login
      • Logout
      • Forget Password
  4. Working with Models

    • Relational v/s NoSQL Databases
    • Understanding database abstraction layers (DAL)
    • Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
    • Creating models
    • Fields, Field types and Field Options
    • Handling relationships - OneToOne, OneToMany, ManyToOne
    • Object CRUD
      • Saving objects
      • Retrieving / Finding objects from the store
      • Filters when retrieving objects
      • Updating objects
      • Deleting objects
    • Managers in Django Models
    • Testing Models
  5. Migrations

    • Introduction to Django Migration utility
    • Agile Methodology & TDD Overview
    • Need for Migration
    • Migrating forward (up)
    • Migrating back (down)
    • Resolving conflicts during migration
  6. Forms & Generic Views

    • Widget, Field, Form and Form Media
    • Tying form objects with Views
    • Custom Validation Rules
    • Customizing the look and feel
    • Creating forms from models
    • Generic Views
      • Amend URLConf
      • Amend Views
    • Testing Views
  7. Template Engines

    • Using the template system
    • Template, Context, Variables, Template Tags and Filters
    • HTML escaping
    • Using templates in views
    • Template Inheritance
    • Template Loaders
    • Testing Templates
  8. Middleware

    • Session handling
    • Enabling sessions
    • Using and Configuring Sessions
    • Saving Session Data
    • Testing Middleware
    • Import and Export File - CSV,PDF
  9. Request and Response Objects

    • HttpRequest object
    • UploadedFile object
    • QueryDict object
    • HttpResponse object
  10. Restful API

    • Concept of REST - HTTP Principles
    • Installing and Configuring Django REST Framework
    • Serializers
    • URL and DRF Routers
    • Custom Properties
    • Configuring API Endpoint
    • Testing API's


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