ASP.NET MVC is the most popular and robust web framework for building modern web apps. The course doesn't just skim on the surface topics but dwells deeper inside the framework covering concepts such as routing, filtering, authorization etc. The course is practically oriented for enabling the candidate to create real world sample application using the modern concepts of ASP.NET MVC. when coupled with JavaScript and angularJS the likelihood of getting your dream job will be a guaranteed surety.


    • History of ASP.NET
    • Drawbacks of ASP.NET WEB Forms
    • MVC Architecture pattern
    • MVC Framework Features
    • Directory Structure of ASP.NET MVC Project
    • Hello World Example
    • ASP.NET MVC project templates;
    • What's new in ASP.NET MVC
    • Naming conventions
    • Understanding the flow of an ASP.NET MVC project
    • Conventions in ASP.NET MVC
    • Scaffolding
    • Creating a Complete ASP.NET MVC Application:
    • Creating strongly-typed views;
    • Understanding URLs and action methods;
    • Using HTML helpers;
    • Handling form post-backs;
    • Data validation

    • Using the Razor View Engine:
    • Razor design goals;
    • Implementing a Razor view;
    • Razor syntax;
    • Generating Outgoing URLs in Views
    • Accessing model data in Razor views
    • Using Sections
    • Partial Views
    • Child Actions
    • HTML Helpers
    • Extension Methods
    • Creating Custom C# Helpers
    • Understanding Default Scripts and Libraries
    • Managing Scripts and Style Sheets
    • Using Bundling and Minification
    • Targeting Mobile Devices
  2. Model

    • Introduction to Entity Framework
    • Code First Approach
    • Database First Approach
    • Model First Approach
    • Database Context and Database Migrations
    • Model Binding
  3. Validations

    • Model Validations by Attributes
    • Display Validation Messages
    • Model Binder, Metadata and Self Validating Models
    • Client Side Validation (Unobtrusive)
    • Remote Validation
  4. URL Routing

    • Using Static URL Segments
    • Defining Custom Segment Variables
    • Prioritizing Controllers by Namespaces
    • RouteĀ  Matching using Regular Expression
    • Bypassing the Routing System
    • Custom Routes
    • Controller architecture in ASP MVC
    • Recieving Input from context objects and action method parameters
    • Producing output with ActionResults, ViewResults and Redirect Results
    • Authorization Filters
    • Exception Filters
    • Action,Result Filters
    • Filtering without Attributes
    • Global Filters
    • Built-In Filters like RequireHttps and OutputCache Filter
  5. Web Api

    • Overview of REST
    • Creating API Controller
    • Understanding API Controller Action Selection
    • Mapping methods
    • Writing Javascript to use the Web API
    • Overview of jQuery;
    • jQuery techniques
    • Using Ajax, jQuery, and Bootstrap with ASP.NET MVC:
    • Overview of Ajax and ASP.NET MVC;
    • Unobtrusive Ajax and the 'this' context;
    • Using Ajax action links


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