Angular JS 5

Angular JS 5

Angular JS 5

Angular Js has become the buzz word of today's technical world. Go and search for job description of any programming language you will find the requirement of angular js knowledge. You will learn angular js 4 which is the latest version. Get the knowledge of JavaScript before starting with angular JS. Learning this module will help you learning ionic framework and phonegap.


    • What Is Angular?
    • Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 4
    • Project Setup and First App
    • What is TypeScript?
    • A Basic Project Setup using Bootstrap for Styling
    • What is Module?
    • Building UI Functionality with Angular 4 Components
    • How an Angular App gets Loaded and Started
  1. Directives

    • Understanding Directives
    • Angular 4 Directives
    • ngIf and ngFor
    • Custom Directives
    • Structural Directives
    • Formatting Data in Angular 4 Templates with Pipes
  2. Data Binding

    • What is Databinding?
    • Property & Class Binding
    • Event Binding
    • Two-Way Data Binding
  3. Components

    • Components are Important!
    • Understanding the Role of AppModule and Component Declaration
    • Using Custom Components
    • Component HTML & CSS
    • Mocks & Models
    • Working with Component Templates
    • Working with Component Styles
    • Why would you Need Services?
    • Creating a Logging Service
    • Injecting the Logging Service into Components
    • Creating a Data Service
    • Communicating with the server through REST APIs using http service


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