Advanced Android

Advanced Android

Advanced Android


    • Introduction to Volley library
    • How to add 3rd party library inside our application
    • Checking Network Connection
    • Making JSONObject, JSONArray and StringRequest
    • Adding Post parameters
    • Adding Request headers
    • Handling Success Response and Error Response
    • Caching response and images using volley
    • Using ProgressDialog for request processing
    • Program:
      • Cricket Score Api
      • Creating a simple Todo app
    • Assignment:
      • Yahoo Currency conversion api
    • ListView with Custom Adapters
    • Creating Model for data (Using MVC pattern)
    • Implementing ViewHolder pattern
    • Fetching data from server and showing that data into listview
    • Programs:
      • Building Custom ListView using BaseAdapter
      • Building Contact / SMS Application prototypte
    • Assignment:
      • File Explorer
    • Custom adapter for GridView
    • Fetching photos from flickr api
    • Introduction to Glide library for implementing Image Caching
    • Setting Image Caching and Viewing options (Glide)
    • Simple Image Loading (Glide)
    • Image Loading with Listener (Glide) /li>
    • Programs:
      • Basic Custom GridView using BaseAdapter
      • Integrating Flicker api to fetch images
    • SQLite Introduction
    • Creating and Updating databases with SQLiteOpenHelper
    • Creating a simple helper class to manage SQLite database
    • Performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on SQLite database
    • Use AlertDialog to confirm user's delete action
    • Programs:
      • Contact manager app
    • What is GCM?
    • GCM Architecture
    • Key Concepts
    • Lifecycle Flow
    • Creating GCM Connection Server
    • Implementing Application Server for GCM
    • Registering GCM Client App
    • Setup GCM Client app Android
    • What are Downstream and Upstream messages
    • Extending Todo app to send notification when user creates a todo
    • Programs:
      • Contact manager app
    • Requesting Camera Permissions
    • Image Capture Intent
    • Video Capture Intent
    • Receiving Camera Intent Result
    • Using Pre-defined Intent Variables
    • Program:
      • Setting an Image In Image Placeholder
    • Assignment:
      • Text to Speech using Recognizer Class
    • Setup google play services
    • Specify app permissions
    • Use of metadata
    • Connect to google play services using GoogleApiClient
    • Get the last known location
    • Requesting permissions runtime for Marshmallow users
    • Receiving Location Updates
    • Displaying a Location Address using Geocoder api
    • Get Google Maps API key
    • Create a google map object
    • Change map types
    • Programs:
      • Show GeoLocation and Reverse Geocoding
  1. Material Design

    • What is Material Design?
    • Material Design Elements
    • Apply Material Theme
    • Specify Elevation in your views
    • Adding Toolbar
    • Creating Lists and Cards using RecyclerView and CardView
    • Using LayoutManager with RecyclerView
    • Adding Floating Action Button
    • Generating colors from Palette
    • Content Sharing between Activities
    • Adding Reveal Effect
    • Adding Window Transitions
    • Using Snackbar
    • Understanding CoordinatorLayout
    • Using AppbarLayout
    • Using TabLayout
    • Using CollapsingToolbarLayout
    • Implementing various Scrolling Techniques using above layouts (e.g. parallax effect)
    • Defining Custom Animations
      • Touch Feedback
      • Circular Reveal
      • Activity Transitions
      • Curved Motion
      • View State Changes
  2. Using Sensors

    • Accelerometer
    • Proximity
    • Gyroscopic
    • Program:
      • Implementing Accelerometer Sensor

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