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Simply learning core android would not help you develop all kind of apps. Get the knowledge of advanced concepts by learning advanced android. This module will help you to learn

  1. Accessing web services and their data which helps developing apps like amazon, ola, quicker
  2. Managing SQLite database helps developing apps like expense manager, Personal diary, reminders
  3. Accessing geo-location api which helps to create apps like ola, uber
  4. Social media integration helps adding functionality of Facebook login into your app
  5. Create aesthetic designs using Material design
Advanced Android

Advanced Android


  1. Introduction to Network Programming and Volley Library

    • Introduction to Volley library
    • How to add 3rd party library inside our application
    • Checking Network Connection
    • Making JSONObject, JSONArray and StringRequest
    • Adding Post parameters
    • Adding Request headers
    • Handling Success Response and Error Response
    • Caching response and images using volley
    • Using ProgressDialog for request processing
    • Program:
      • Cricket Score Api
      • Creating a simple Todo app
    • Assignment:
      • Yahoo Currency conversion api
  2. Advanced ListView

    • ListView with Custom Adapters
    • Creating Model for data (Using MVC pattern)
    • Implementing ViewHolder pattern
    • Fetching data from server and showing that data into listview
    • Programs:
      • Building Custom ListView using BaseAdapter
      • Building Contact / SMS Application prototypte
    • Assignment:
      • File Explorer
  3. Advanced GridView

    • Custom adapter for GridView
    • Fetching photos from flickr api
    • Introduction to Glide library for implementing Image Caching
    • Setting Image Caching and Viewing options (Glide)
    • Simple Image Loading (Glide)
    • Image Loading with Listener (Glide) /li>
    • Programs:
      • Basic Custom GridView using BaseAdapter
      • Integrating Flicker api to fetch images
  4. SQLite Database Connectivity

    • SQLite Introduction
    • Creating and Updating databases with SQLiteOpenHelper
    • Creating a simple helper class to manage SQLite database
    • Performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on SQLite database
    • Use AlertDialog to confirm user's delete action
    • Programs:
      • Contact manager app
  5. Sending Notifications from backend server using GCM

    • What is GCM?
    • GCM Architecture
    • Key Concepts
    • Lifecycle Flow
    • Creating GCM Connection Server
    • Implementing Application Server for GCM
    • Registering GCM Client App
    • Setup GCM Client app Android
    • What are Downstream and Upstream messages
    • Extending Todo app to send notification when user creates a todo
    • Programs:
      • Contact manager app
  6. Using Camera to capture Image and Video

    • Requesting Camera Permissions
    • Image Capture Intent
    • Video Capture Intent
    • Receiving Camera Intent Result
    • Using Pre-defined Intent Variables
    • Program:
      • Setting an Image In Image Placeholder
    • Assignment:
      • Text to Speech using Recognizer Class
  7. Location and Maps

    • Setup google play services
    • Specify app permissions
    • Use of metadata
    • Connect to google play services using GoogleApiClient
    • Get the last known location
    • Requesting permissions runtime for Marshmallow users
    • Receiving Location Updates
    • Displaying a Location Address using Geocoder api
    • Get Google Maps API key
    • Create a google map object
    • Change map types
    • Programs:
      • Show GeoLocation and Reverse Geocoding
  8. Material Design

    • What is Material Design?
    • Material Design Elements
    • Apply Material Theme
    • Specify Elevation in your views
    • Adding Toolbar
    • Creating Lists and Cards using RecyclerView and CardView
    • Using LayoutManager with RecyclerView
    • Adding Floating Action Button
    • Generating colors from Palette
    • Content Sharing between Activities
    • Adding Reveal Effect
    • Adding Window Transitions
    • Using Snackbar
  9. Material Design: CoordinatorLayout

    • Understanding CoordinatorLayout
    • Using AppbarLayout
    • Using TabLayout
    • Using CollapsingToolbarLayout
    • Implementing various Scrolling Techniques using above layouts (e.g. parallax effect)
  10. Material Design Animations

    • Defining Custom Animations
      • Touch Feedback
      • Circular Reveal
      • Activity Transitions
      • Curved Motion
      • View State Changes
  11. Using Sensors

    • Accelerometer
    • Proximity
    • Gyroscopic
    • Program:
      • Implementing Accelerometer Sensor



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