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Xampp VS Wamp

You’re reading this article Xampp VS Wamp so I can assume that you want to simulate a web architecture environment on your local system to learn web development using Php and HTML. And after researching about tools required to learn PHP you came across these two names Xampp and Wamp. Now the question which one to choose? Or you are just curious to know about the difference between these two. So let’s understand in details. To Learn More Visit Itvedant

First of let’s understand the similarities.

Wamp stands for

W - Windows A - Apache M - MySQL P - PHP

And Xampp also has Apache, MySQL, and Php in its name. That means installing this software you will get 3 software bundle(Apache, MySQL, and Php) in one configured package. Which saves your lot of time and effort. Now it actually does not matter which one you are using to run Php applications since both serve the same purpose without much difference in terms of output but however, Few differences you will notice in following criteria.


The Difference in Xampp VS Wamp

  • Xampp VS Wamp - Platform: You can use wamp only on Windows systems whereas Xampp available for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.
  • Xampp VS Wamp - Size: When you download Xampp it’s size is 144 MB while wamp is almost double of Xampp 271 MB size
  • Folder structure in Wamp & Xampp: In Xampp, we keep our project files in c://xampp/htdocs folder while in wamp we keep it in c://wamp/www folder.
  • Ease of installation in Xampp VS Wamp: Installing both these software’s pretty easy but as compared to Xampp you may get a lot of problems installing wamp due to missing vc++ distribution windows file which you won’t get in Xampp as it gets managed internally. To solve Wampp Server installation issue read given blog Access Denied 403 Forbidden
  • Additional functionality: In Xampp, additional to AMP component you will get tomcat server as well as FileZilla(file manager) software which is not available in wamp.

All these differences won’t make much effect while using Wamp/Xampp for your required purpose. So you can download whichever you like the most.


Download Link Wamp & Xampp

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