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what is a PHP Developer

What is a php developer...???

php developer....better than yesterday..

Many times students ask me a question what is a php developer exactly?? what does he do?? how to be a good developer?? I'll say First of all Decide what you want to be exactly..a Developer or a Programmer because there is a vast difference between the two :P...

PHP is easiest language I'v ever learnt. It is very popular as it is a fastest Server side scripting language having excellent feature Rapid Application Development[RAP].So that you can develop Web Apps very Rapidly because it has many good in build Functions Available. Another important is Loosely Typed,so that programmer dont have headache of Memory Management.Also in PHP5 version OOP's Feature is added as we know how OOP is important for solving real world Problems. Apart from that Framework like Zend, Cakephp, YII are available in php. To be a good php developer one should follow these following steps. I hope these will be very helpful to rock in this excellent web development language.

1. Be focused about need of web application

At first have a clear vision in your mind about the application you are going to create. Study the requirements of customers and then first develop simple application. If that goes fine then try out some advance concepts. Search for similar apps on internet and try to get new ideas.

2.Create a configuration file

Making a master file of a code which is going to be used more and more times is a very good habit. Make a master file and then include it in php script where you need. If you want to make some changes in that configuration you don't need to change it everywhere in all files but in a single master file. Making a master file of database connection and then include it in php script where you need. :)

3. Use built-in functions, libraries and classes

Don't waste your time in creating your own functions or classes if there are already present. First search for built-in classes, functions for your app. Refer the [php manual] ( "phpmanual")

4. Turn on error reporting

While developing an app, have the habit of look into error logs if occurring any. That is why turn on error reporting. which tells exactly which error is occurring. Don't run away from error, but try to understand it and try to solve it.

5. Use php frameworks

There are some good frameworks available. Use cakephp, yii, smarty template. Use CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. and save your valuable time.

6. Have a habit of making code snippets

you'll be needing to write same code for no. of times. That time use the apps to make the code into snippets. There are apps like snippely This will help save your time

7. Use Mysql Admin tool

Save your time by using mysql administrative tool like phpmyadmin rather than writing queries. Its is very fast process and takes hardly a minute to create tables.

8. keep an eye on SQL injections

A bad genius can easily compromise your database. So you have to take care of it by sanitizing our database. Have a look on sql injection attack examples and understand thoroughly mysql attacks and go for the cheat sheets

I hope these tips are helpful for you in becoming a good developer and rock this world. All the Best guys and have a fun in this amazing world of web. :) For more information about php check out my other blogs. Thank you.

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