Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs in the World 2023

top 25 highest paying jobs in the world 2023

Isn’t it obvious that while looking out for the best career path options, we consider the ones that have the highest-paying jobs?

A high-paying job might assure you of an economically sound as well as comfortable life. In some cases, your desired high-paying job might ask for outstanding academics, while others might require excellent skills. This is where most people get stuck, and today we’re here to help you escape this dilemma. In this article, we will be discussing the top high-salary jobs in the world.

The world is advancing rapidly, and this growth has led to countless job opportunities opening up. Every field has progressed, and each day we get to know about a new job role as each industry has multiple job roles. However, to apply for certain high-paying jobs, one must have specific qualifications to become eligible for that role—for example, a Graduation Degree, a Master’s Degree, etc. However, the salary for each position highly depends on the experience factor.

So, today we’re here to discuss the highest-paying jobs in the world. The salary ranges of the below-mentioned profiles are subject to change. However, since IT is a booming industry and advancements keep increasing each day, professions in the IT domain will continue to remain the same or grow.

    • 1) Data Scientist:

    • The role of a Data Scientist is to derive or extract insights from a broad range of data using techniques & tools to make wise data-driven decisions. For this job, one should know how to analyze, interpret, and visualize data. Now coming to the education part, after completing your Bachelor’s Degree, you can take up courses to pursue a career in this field. IT Training Institutes like Itvedant offer courses like Data Science and Analytics with AI, which will help you master this subject. The knowledge you acquire during this course and the global certifications that they provide, will provide a range of job opportunities.
    • Salary: US- Average: $124,853

      India- Rs 500,000 PA (entry-level)

    • 2) Software Engineer:

    • This profession is another branch of the Tech domain, which is one of the highest-paying jobs in India. A Software Engineer has to design, develop, test, and maintain the applications. Their duties include having knowledge of engineering principles and practices and having a great hold over programming languages to come up with software solutions. To pursue a career in this field, you need to have a degree in Computer Science and furthermore, you can go ahead with a Full Stack Developer Course.
    • Salary: US- $90,953 (yearly)

      India: 6-15 LPA (as per experience)

    • 3) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon:

    • This job profession comes under the Health Care Industry. The duties of someone practicing Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery include treating conditions of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, face, jaws, and neck. You will need to perform surgeries on people's oral and maxillofacial regions. To pursue a career in this field, you should’ve completed your undergraduate studies, followed by 4 years of dental training and nearly six years of residency training to acquire your medical degree.
    • Salary: $336,000 (yearly)

      India- 24 LPA

    • 4) Lawyer:

    • The job roles of a Lawyer include advising their clients and representing them in court. They need to conduct thorough, in-depth research and back it up with pieces of evidence. Lawyers take care of their clients' legal matters. Now the salary range depends on what kind of lawyer you want to become, as there are several branches under this occupation. After 12th grade, you must apply for entrance exams like CLAT, LSAT, etc., and as per your scores, you can further pursue LLB, BA LLB, BBA LLB, etc. After graduation, you must clear the AIBE to start practicing as a lawyer.
    • Salary: US- $80,836 (Yearly)

      India- 40 LPA

    • 5) Petroleum Engineer :

    • The job role of a Petroleum Engineer includes finding methods to extract oil and gas to generate energy for the country’s needs. They need to develop methods of extraction from under the Earth’s surface. They need to have advanced knowledge to find ways to extract oil from older wells, etc. To pursue a career in this field after 12th grade, you can go for Petroleum Engineering courses like a Diploma, Undergraduate, or MTech.
    • Salary: US- $89,841 (yearly)

      India- 8-9 LPA

    • 6) Sales Manager:

    • The duties of a Sales Manager include leading the Sales Team of any organization and achieving sales targets and working on the business’ economic growth. However, the job roles and salaries might vary depending on who they’re working for. They will be needed to conduct in-depth market research and plan budgets accordingly. For a job in this field, you will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree in Business Law, Finance, Management, Economics, Accounting, or Statistics.
    • Salary: US- $74K (yearly)

      India- 9-14 LPA

    • 7) Actuary:

    • The primary roles of an actuary include analyzing financial risks and threats using mathematical and statistical knowledge. This profession has opportunities in industries like finance, healthcare, etc. You must have excellent problem-solving skills to apply for this job. You must know how to predict future happenings and work accordingly to minimize risks. To pursue this career, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics, statistics, actuarial science, etc.
    • Salary: US- $120,000 (yearly)

      India- 10-11 LPA

    • 8) Software Architect:

    • The duties of a Software Architect include being responsible for presenting high-end innovative concepts and designs for user interfaces. This job requires working with Software Engineer professionals and seeing whether the work has been implemented properly in the final product design. To pursue this career, one needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or any other technical domain. A deep understanding of software development concepts and excellent coding skills will help you skyrocket your career.
    • Salary: US- $1,33,434 (yearly)

      India- 28-30 LPA

    • 9) IT Manager:

    • To become an IT Manager, you need to have brilliant technical skills. You need to know how to evaluate data operations as you’ll be responsible for the smooth running of the computer systems of the organization. Also, you will be leading the IT Team for which you need to possess excellent leadership skills. To pursue this career, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT project management, or any IT-related field.
    • Salary: US- $60K-$90K

      India- 12 LPA

    • 10) Airline Pilot:

    • Now, becoming an Airline Pilot involves not just being restricted to flying the aircraft but also creating a flight plan, checking the aircraft before taking the flight, and also evaluating the altitude and weather conditions. It’s considered one of the top high-salary jobs. Coming to the education part, you need to have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Operations, or any field related to the same. However, to work in this field you must have an aviation certificate.
    • Salary: US- $700,00 (yearly)

      India- 46 LPA

    • 11) Orthodontist:

    • The job roles of an Orthodontist include studying case histories of patients, their x-rays, and different types of plaster models to come up with the best treatment plans. You must have immense knowledge about orthodontic appliances for this job. They are concerned with the oral health of patients in the medical world. It takes nearly 10-11 years for someone to get certification and become licensed to practice this full-fledged. You will need to undertake a four years undergraduate program, then spend 4 years learning at dental school, and then nearly three years need for an orthodontics residency program.
    • Salary: US- $2.07,167 (yearly)

      India- 6-7 LPA

    • 12) Obstetrician Gynecologist:

    • The duties of an Obstetrician Gynecologist are concerned with childbirth and delivery procedures. They diagnose and treat pregnant women, women dealing with breast cancer and menopause. They are also supposed to conduct routine check-ups with their patients. It is their job to educate women on their condition and make them understand it in the simplest way possible. As far as educational qualifications are concerned, you must have completed your MBBS and diplomate of medicine. To be considered for a Doctor of Medicine, you must complete your MBBS successfully.
    • Salary: US- $100K-$200K (yearly)

      India- 10 LPA

    • 13) Chief Financial Officer:

    • Chief Financial Officer, popularly known as CFO, has multiple responsibilities within the same role. This person is responsible for the financial management and decisions of the organization. Their major duties include looking after the capital flow, analyzing the strategies, and developing innovative plans. For becoming eligible for this position, you need to have outstanding leadership and communication skills as you will be looking after the finances of the organization. For this role, you need to have an educational experience in the accounting/finance field.
    • Salary: US- $300K-$400K+ (yearly)

      India- 9-10 LPA (entry-level

    • 14) Anesthesiologist:

    • An anesthesiologist is someone who’d prescribe you medicines so that you don’t feel pain while undergoing surgery. However, the job is not limited to this, they also take part in other medical procedures such as assessing patients in the critical units, dealing with emergency patients as well as giving advice on pain management. When it comes to education, they need to undertake undergraduate education i.e. four years of medical studies. After medical school completion, a physician specializing in anesthesiology completes a four-year residency program.
    • Salary: US- $100K-$600K (yearly)

      India- 3-9 LPA (entry-level and average)

    • 15) Pediatrician:

    • A pediatrician is a doctor who looks after the health of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Some pediatricians work with general patients while some specialize in the treatment of children with certain health conditions. Coming to education, an MBBS degree is a must and they should’ve completed MD in pediatrics and child health.
    • Salary: US- $100K-$200K (yearly)

      India- 4 LPA (entry-level)

    • 16) Clinical Pharmacists:

    • Clinical Pharmacist expertise in the healthcare team as they are responsible for providing information regarding the right consumption of medicines and recognizing the underlying health issues which remain untreated. They suggest medication therapies for health conditions. They also monitor the patients and recommend medications per the changes in their health conditions. To pursue a career in this field, you can go for a doctorate of pharmacy degree after completing 12th grade, or else you can opt for a Bachelor's degree in pharmacy and then go ahead by doing a Master's in the same while also practicing at the hospitals for experience and understanding.
    • Salary: US- $100k+ (yearly)

      India-3-8 LPA

    • 17) Physician:

    • The specialty of a physician might be different from other professions in the same field. Their primary responsibility is to diagnose and treat illnesses. This is done by conducting several tests, physical examinations, etc. They also diagnose test reports and plan the treatment accordingly. To build a career in this field, one must complete their undergraduate education and then go for a medical graduate program.
    • Salary: US- $294,000 (yearly)

      India- 10-30 LPA

    • 18) Machine Learning Engineer:

    • Machine Learning Engineers are considered to be the most vital part of the IT team. They work on developing and designing artificial intelligence (AI) procedures. One of their bigger tasks is to examine and organize the larger amounts of accumulated data. These engineers also work on optimizing machine-learning models. For this position, you may require a degree in computer science and certain certifications which will open doors of success for you but if you want to go for a senior role, you will need a Master's certificate.
    • Salary: US- $200K-$900K+ (experience-based)

      India- 7-8 LPA

    • 19) Cloud Computing Engineer:

    • A cloud computing engineer is someone who needs to be well-versed in programming languages and should be able to comprehend software concepts. Knowing data visualization and database management are plus points. If you are good with the fundamentals of cloud infrastructure, your abilities and skill sets will take you to greater places. To pursue this career, you need to have a computer science degree, and having a master's degree can help you reach places even faster.
    • Salary: US- $150K+$170K+ (yearly)

      India- 7-8 LPA

    • 20) Psychiatrist:

    • A psychiatrist is someone who treats people who are concerned about their mental health. They have a lot of influence on people’s mental health which is further related to decision-making. Psychiatrists treat conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety issues, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. To get into this profession, you will have to complete education up to 12th having Biology as a focused subject. Later after having bagged an undergraduate degree in the same stream and 4 years of medical school you need to get a D.O or M.D degree and then go ahead with a residency program.
    • Salary: US- $130K (annually-entry-level)

      India- 3 LPA(annually-entry-level)

    • 21) Marketing Manager:

    • It is a Marketing Manager’s duty to come up with new marketing strategies and campaigns to increase awareness or demand for a product or service. It is their responsibility to engage with brands and bring in deals and collaborations. Analyzing new trends and developing budgets for marketing campaigns are also a few of the other hundreds of duties of a Marketing Manager. After having completed a degree in Management, one can go ahead and apply for a specialization in marketing, advertising, or any other field related to communication.
    • Salary: US- $84K+

      India- 7+ LPA

    • 22) Big Data Engineer:

    • Since IT is a booming industry, there are countless job opportunities in this domain. A Big Data Engineer works with large data sets. They arrange the most complex data systems. Individuals in this profession design and develop large data processing systems and store them. They need to have an understanding of various data structures, transformation tools, techniques, and algorithms. This is one of the wider job roles in the Tech domain with infinite responsibilities. Coming to education, one must hold a degree in Computer Science, statistics, or data analytics because this profession demands people who are excellent with statistics and coding.
    • Salary: US- $98K-$200K (based on expertise and experience)

      India- 7-15 LPA

    • 23) Chartered Accountant:

    • Individuals in this field are required to look after accounting and manage finances. They need to work on the organization's audit, capital budgeting, and economic analysis. Chartered accountants are equipped with knowledge of commercial law, tax, accounting, and the stock market. One be sharp in Mathematics and have a commerce background before considering pursuing this field. There are 3 levels before you start practicing, namely- CA Foundation Exam, CA Intermediate Exam, Advanced CA Training, and lastly the final CA Exam.
    • Salary: US- $93K-$94K+

      India- 9-10 LPA

    • 24) Investment Analyst:

    • An Investment Analyst takes care of the funding part and decision-making in terms of investments. Individuals in this field are well-versed in financial terminologies, financial statements, and data. They have the ability to understand the market data and conduct research and action plans accordingly. They are always updated about the finances of the company as well as national and international financial markets. A bachelor's degree in finance, economics, accounting, or any related field would do it for you along with strong mathematical skills.
    • Salary: US- $60K- $100K+

      India- 15-17+ LPA

    • 25) Product Manager:

    • The last job with the highest salary is a Product Manager. The individual who takes up this position has a great knowledge of consumer psychology and demands. A product manager is someone who knows where and how to place a product so that it gains the attention of the crowd. They also collect feedback from customers which helps them work on the improvement of the product or service. Besides all other skills, having excellent communication and strategic thinking skills are extremely crucial for this job role. If you hold a graduation degree in Business Management and later go ahead to pursue an MBA, you’ll become eligible for this profession.
    • Salary: US- $100K+

      India- 12-35+ LPA

The intention behind sharing this list of ‘highest paying jobs in the world’ with you was to enlighten you with knowledge of these professions. Hence, we hope you found this list helpful and that it serves you while making a career-related decision As we mentioned in the beginning, the figures are subject to change anytime in the future.

However, if business predictions are to be believed IT industry might expand even more resulting in even more job opportunities for deserving candidates. If you are interested in undertaking IT Courses, you can visit the website- Itvedant as it is one of the most preferred IT Training Institutes in India. If you want to know what the world is learning, click the link and explore Itvedant’s advanced courses.