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SEO in Wordpress

"SEO in WordPress" helps the optimizer in developing himself. WordPress helps you in writing good content.This is beneficial in knowing your mistakes,improve upon them and act correctly when you do the actual work.

SEO in WordPress has a lot of support tools which assist you in writing good content.The main aim of WordPress is to make you a good SEO. Plugins are very essential in wordpress. One such plugin is called  YOAST . The plugins check that the content you have written is good and adhere to the requirements.seo

Plugins check if the title is within the prescribed characters i.e.70 characters. It checks if the focus keyword is present in the title as well as the meta description.Plugins help in improving our website's P**age Rank.**

Snippet preview:

snippet preview makes us realize that how our post or page will appear in the search results.It also sees that if the title is too long or too short and also checks if the meta description is relevant to the content.

Page Analysis:

Page Analysis is very important.It sees that if the post is long enough,contains focus keywords and if those keywords appear in meta description as well.It also checks for tags such as heading tags(h1,h2,h3) if they are used in the post.Also,if an image is used,does it contain an alt tag.If you include all these plugins,the users will find your website attractive and will increase your page ranking.

XML Sitemaps:

WordPress SEO has the latest xml sitemaps functionality.It automatically creates xml sitemaps in pages or posts and notifies the Search Engines.They can even work on large sites containing numerous posts.

Easy Navigation:

To make navigation easy,breadcrumbs functionality is used.This helps in easy navigation of the site and also clearly understanding structure of the site.Search Engine will also find it easy in navigating the site.

Social Integration:

Linking to social sites such as Facebook is also possible through WordPress.It provides with Facebook plugins as well as Twitter plugins.

Compatible with Multiple Sites:

This SEO plugin is compatible with multiple sites. XML sitemap works perfectly well in all setups and you can also copy one blog from another.

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