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php.exe not found

"php.exe not found" is the common error while installing yii framework or while installing php. This error is faced by many of the users while installing yii. The reason this error occurs because the pathname was not given correctly or they failed to change certain settings.

This problem can be solved by giving the correct path name and making changes to certain settings.Firstly,you need to include the php folder or directory path to all the command line interfaces.

The next step is "Right click" on your "My Computer " icon.After clicking,click on "Properties". You will see  a control panel page opening up.In that page,on the left side of your screen,you will see a heading named " control panel home".Under that,there are 4 options.Click on "advanced system settings".

After clicking on advanced system settings,you will be directed to "system properties". In that,you will see an "environment variables" option. Click on that option.You will see that under environment variables screen,there are two tabs,namely "system variables" and "user variables". In that under system variables,click on the "path" option.

Now,copy the path from your wamp folder in which php.exe is stored.It is mostly stored under "bin" folder. copy the path and paste it inside the path.Before adding the path,seperate it by placing a semi-colon so that it doesn't change other paths.After adding the path,the error will be removed and the problem will be considered as solved.

Steps to include php in command line:

1.Right click on "My Computer".

rc on the "Properties" tab of the window.

3.Now click on "advanced system settings".


4.Now click on "Environment Variables".


  5.In environment variables,inside "system variables" click on path.After clicking on path,go to where your "php.exe" is stored.Copy the path and paste it inside the path after putting a semi-colon.


6.Edit the path now by pasting it in variable value tab.


Following these steps,the error "php.exe not found" will not appear again.If you have any queries or require any assistance,click here

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