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.net training courses in mumbai

.net training courses in Mumbai area

dot net microsoft's big development

Many people have question of what is exactly a .net(dot net)??? Well Dot net is a technology introduced by Microsoft which was said as the Next Generation Windows Service (NGWS)

Steve Ballmer said that "It is an internet based platform of Next Generation Windows Services which will affect programming model, file systems models, user interface, new XMl schema."

Some have misunderstandings that dot net is an operating system. No it is not!!! It provides the better programming models and very new web based infrastructure. It can run on any platform and any browser very paltform independent. It is an integral part of many applications running on windows. it provides the common functionality to those applications to run. It has

.net is a bunch of many technologies together Like ,, C#, etc

There are many institutes which provide the .net training courses in Mumbai. The difference between the other institutes and Itvedant is that we provide you the best Professional team working in HDFC Bank, Delloit, Lanxes We have one shot dot net courses which includes all the techonolgies.

here is the list of dot net courses provided by the Itvedant

  1. Core C# and Basics
  2. Advance Dot Net Programming
  3. Windows Forms Development
  4. WPF
  5. ADO.NET
  6. ENTITY Framework
  7. LINQ
  8. ASP.NET (with MVC4)

We have provided the syllabus of dot net training course. Please have a look. :)

The best part of out academy is we give much more knowledge in very less fees compared to any other institute in India. Because we do not take student as a student but we believe in them as a tomorrow's pillars of this awesome world.

So guys Do not hesitate to leave any questions and ask any doubt about technology though you are not part of this institute. For that Contact us here and I would like to suggest one thing that have a passion about what you are doing, and you will rock this world. :) Enjoy dot net programming and drink the knowledge of it everyday.

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