Is AWS Certification Worth It In 2023?

is aws certification worth it in 2023

Did you know that AWS is one of the most popular and preferred courses among the youth?

As we’re living in the most technologically advanced space right now, it is essential to have a good understanding of the tech stuff. On one hand, students are pursuing a career in the IT field, and on the other hand, working professionals are looking for a career switch into the IT Industry as they don’t see much scope in their respective fields.

This is why IT Courses like AWS Certification Training, Data Engineering, Full Stack Development, and Data Science and Analytics with AI.

But let us come to your question which is, ‘Is AWS Certification Worth it in 2023?’

Now the answer to this question is ‘YES’.

AWS has become one of the most undertaken in recent years. It is also one of the most relevant certifications and it will only continue to be so.

However, if you ask which is the best Institute to choose when it comes to undertaking the AWS Course, then we’d ask you to have a look at our curriculum before making a decision.

    • 1) Syllabus:
    • We have a dynamic range of modules covering every concept you would want to learn. Our teaching methods and syllabus are designed in such a way that it makes learning for students. We have maintained an 80-20 ratio throughout our curriculum which refers to 80% practical and only 20% theoretical pattern.
    • 2) Industry-Level Projects:
    • As previously mentioned, we have more practicality in our courses. Hence, we provide our students with 30+ projects and case studies that are sponsored by top companies in the Industry. This helps the students get an idea of what projects they can expect from the corporate world.
    • 3) Industry-Expert Trainers:
    • While learning such courses, one needs to be trained under the right guidance. For the right amount of support and guidance, we have IT Expert Trainers who help our students learn and understand new concepts. They make learning easier for students with the best study methods to give them a great learning experience.
    • 4) Global Certifications:
    • As you keep learning new skills, you would also require certifications to validate your skills. Therefore, we provide several certifications which when attached to your resume, will help you to reach new heights and build a successful career. Having such certifications will increase your chances of getting paid on the higher side as well.
    • 5) Profile Building Session:
    • The reason why we conduct Profile Building sessions in AWS Course is that after having acquired the knowledge, we don’t want our students to be stuck. Thus, in these sessions, we teach them how to make a resume and web portfolio and most importantly LinkedIn. Taking into consideration how useful LinkedIn is, we wanted our students to know to establish themselves on such platforms. So, we decided to include such key sessions.
    • 6) Mock Interviews:
    • We plan multiple mock interviews for our students to know how interviews are conducted, ways in which they can prepare themselves, and tips & tricks they can use to crack the toughest of the tough interviews. Our mock interviews help students build confidence and improve their communication skills.
    • 7) Career Guidance:
    • At Itvedant, students get career advice from our very own Career Guidance who guide them throughout the course. Students are free to share any of their concerns with the CGs and get them solved instantly.
    • 8) Placements:
    • Itvedant is the bridge between students and their dream companies. We have an in-built Placement Team that dedicatedly looks after students’ placement once they have successfully completed their AWS Course. Since we have a 100% Placement Guarantee policy for our AWS Certification Training Course, students need not worry about getting placed.

We have tie-ups with organizations across the globe that help our students when it comes to placements.

Job roles that you can look out for after completing your AWS Cloud Practice Certification:

      1. Cloud Architect
      1. Cloud Developer
      1. Cloud Operations Engineer
      1. Solutions Architect
      1. DevOps Engineer

We hope that you might have gotten to know how worthy AWS Certification is.

To wrap up this topic in short, we’d like to say that AWS Course is worth taking up if you’re someone who is highly interested in pursuing a career in the IT field or are even slightly interested in this domain.

If you want to know more about the AWS Course offered by us, do check out our website- Itvedant, and connect with our Career Guides.